Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feeling Much Better!

The Lord is good! You probably know that I am in Katy, TX with Elizabeth staying with some cousins while their parents are out of town. The day before we left to come I was feeling sick to my stomach all day. This continued on Sunday, the day I traveled here. I blamed it on the baby, although it was quite a bit worse than anything I experienced with my first pregnancy. Sunday night I started throwing up. Not fun. Especially since my schedule here is quite busy and begins at 5:00am. Monday I still didn't feel well. Tuesday and Wednesday was a little bit better until Wednesday night. Thursday was horrible. I could barely do anything and could not keep any nutrition down, including water. Somehow I found strength deep within to keep on going, at least for the bare necessities, and it was comforting to know lots of people were praying for me. Brandon called and asked if it would be helpful if he or my mother-in-law came down. I said it wasn't necessary but would be helpful. Probably more trouble than its worth. Money, schedule, etc. A few minutes later he called me to tell me my mother-in-law had a flight and would be here about 3:00 that afternoon. I just started crying, I was overwhelmed with relief, gratefulness, and well...pregnancy hormones. I felt sooooo loved! She got here at about 3:00 and I was in bed at the time. I stayed in bed for the next 30+ hours except to get sick. I slept and slept and slept. After talking to the midwifes it appears that I had a virus not just baby sickness. Yesterday I was feeling better but still very weak. Today I see even more improvement and strength. I am still pregnant though, so there is still a little morning sickness, but nothing to complain about. All of those who have been praying for me and to my sweet mother-in-law who came to my rescue I AM SO GRATEFUL.

I want you to look close at Elizabeth's hair in this picture. It is messed up!!! Yes, that's right she has enough hair to mess up now. Yippee! This is how she woke up from her nap.I am so encouraged...she won't be bald forever!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Elizabeth Web Album Oct. 2007- March 2008

Elizabeth Grace Growing Up

Look at these pictures of Elizabeth!

Elizabeth and Jasmine Playing

Elizabeth and Jasmine (our niece) are best of friends. This is a short video of them playing together. I love the way Jasmine says "Elizabeth"!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Pictures

Good afternoon my friends! Elizabeth and I just went on a walk and of course I took a few pictures. This town is very pretty. The homes are nice and most of them have very beautiful landscaping. Everything is so green and they have some tropical trees and plants that add a nice touch. Close to the house where I am staying the have a really nice little lake. We were there when I took these first two pictures. When I push Elizabeth in her stroller she always crosses her feet. It is so cute!
Something else that Elizabeth and I enjoy doing together is swinging on the hammock in the back yard. The weather has been really nice here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update From Katy, TX.

Hello! Elizabeth and I are staying with some cousins while their parents are out of town for the next 10 days. We got off to a rough start with some sickness but many prayers have brought us through. Elizabeth has been doing very well. We left early Easter morning and this was her first plane ride. She did really well. We visited grandparents to celebrate Easter on Saturday before leaving. Here are a couple pictures.

Brandon took us to the airport early Sunday morning. It was hard to say good bye.

I wanted to get a few pictures of her first plane ride so I had to do self portraits. This is what I came up with.

Things are very green and pretty here. We went to the park today for a few minutes and I was hoping for some good pictures but Elizabeth was really sleepy so most pictures were of her whining. I'll try again another day.

I can hardly wait to see everyone again! I love you Brandon! TTYL

Monday, March 24, 2008

Elizabeth Laughing

It is amazing to see what things will make Elizabeth laugh. This was a one-time thing that we just happened to catch on camera. Enjoy!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Annoucing Baby Werner #2

That's right! Rachael is going to have another baby. Here are some classic reactions from family and friends.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elizabeth Pictures

These are just some random pictures for you to look at of Elizabeth. She is sooo much fun.

Last time we where in Tuterville we fed the fish with Papa.

A couple of weekends ago we went to crossroads mall. Elizabeth liked playing in the play area and then she enjoyed her very first carousel ride!

She almost enjoyed it too much and was very very close to throwing an "I don't want to get off" fit.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A look at Branson

On our way we went to the Mcdonald's over the interstate. It was pretty cool!

We Loved the resort where we stayed! There is a picture of it in my previous post. We had a great time just relaxing and site seeing. We didn't actually go to any shows but really enjoyed the museums and shopping. Our resort had a game room and we enjoyed playing in it. :)

We really enjoyed the Titanic Museum but weren't allowed to take any pictures in it. If you are in Branson I would recommend this one. It is really cool!

We also went to Ripley's Believe it or Not. It had some very interesting things inside. In these pictures is the worlds tallest man and his hand print. And some strange vehicle invention.

The Real Story :)

Brandon and I recently took a wonderful trip to Branson. Although I must admit it started out a little rough I know it was all for the good. We got up early on the morning of our departure and loaded up. We took Elizabeth to Brandon’s mom and dad’s house where she would be staying for the next couple of days. Brandon had to go to school and I needed to run a few errands before we left. Mom graciously let me borrow her car to do the things I needed. Everything was going according to plan! There were chances of really icy roads so we headed out as quickly as possible. Elizabeth was happy when we left (which is always good for a mommy) and we were actually ahead of schedule. At last, a weekend to relax! Due to the time of day and the road conditions traffic was rather slow going on I-35 but who cared it was just the two of us enjoying each others company so why complain after all we were on our way. Just as the traffic was beginning to ease we were about half a mile from the turnpike when I went to get my phone out of my purse. At that moment I realized I had failed to return mom’s one and only car key to her. Due to the expense of making a duplicate electronic key this one is the only key to that vehicle. I quickly broke the news to Brandon who was slightly too mostly unhappy. Dad was willing to meet us half way which was very helpful and we were able to buy new windshield wipers which were also very helpful. I am also sure that we were probably saved form some horrible accident, our character was built, and we got to spend more quality time in the car together. So as you can clearly see this was a wonderful blessing in disguise. And the rest of our trip was fabulous! I immensely enjoyed spending time with my best friend!!

The Trip to Branson Through Brandon's Eyes

On the day we left for Branson, Rachael and I were both up by 6:15am. We spent the morning finalizing trip plans, packing bags, and loading the car. At 7:15am, we were out the door. We took Elizabeth to my parents where she was going to stay the next several days. After dropping Elizabeth off, I went to school to make an appearance, turn in a essay packet, and get the assignments for the weekend. Rachael borrowed my parent’s car and went to Wal-Mart and ran a few other errands. We both met back at my parents, said bye to Elizabeth, and were on the road by 9:00am. Not bad!!!

The roads were a little iced because of light, freezing rain that had been falling for the past several hours. It was hard to see out the window. The slick roads made I-35 traffic horrible! We spent almost an hour just trying to get out of Oklahoma City. Finally, we made it to the TurnPike. Traffic had just started to pick up. I could see the exit that would take us 90% of the way to our final destination. Just as we were about to change lanes, Rachael picked up her purse and gasped! To my disgust, Rachael had forgotten to return my parents only set of car keys that she used to borrow their car this morning. It is one of those electric keys that cost a pretty penny to duplicate.

I bypassed our exit to turn around. Rachael called my dad who was willing to meet us half way. (Side Note: Combined, the entire family have probably spent enough money and time to pay for 5-10 copies of that key driving around the city to pick it up. We should have all pitched in in the beginning for a duplicate.) We now had to fight our way back through traffic and meet dad at Auto Zone. Then we decided we needed new wiper blades from the weather. My dad graciously gave his time to help pick them out and install them onto our Isuzu.

When you calculate the time we spent sitting in traffic, turning around, replacing wiper blades, and returning back to the turnpike, it took us 2.5 hours to get from my parents house to Turner Turnpike (a total distance of 17.5 miles). If you do the math that puts us traveling at a blazing 8.5 miles per hour. At this rate, we would reach Branson, MO in 38.7 hours. What a start.

We ended up making better time and we arrived at our final destination by 5:00pm that evening. Our trip was very refreshing, relaxing, and renewing. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my Rachael LeAnn.