Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wisdom for All

Like any good Christian parent my children listen to fun bible songs in the car quite often. Each time the old song about the two men (a wise one who built his house on the rock and a foolish one who built his house on the sand) plays Elizabeth wisely proclaims “We don’t want to be like the foolish man Mom!”. I smile and reply with a voice of pride “That’s right sweetie!”

Tonight the above scenario took place on our way home and I respond with the usual “I have a wise child” voice tone but tonight I added a quick question I was confident she knew the answer too.

“Liz, your right we don’t want to be like the foolish man. Who do we want to be like?” Her response was quick,
“We want to be a woman.” Her voice tone one of prim and properness.

For some reason the first thought that came into my head was a scene from “I Love Lucy” where Ricky says “LUCY, Yuv got some splanin tu do!”

Lesson learned: Follow up questions are always a good idea! Particularly before thinking your child is going to be a wise Bible scholar. :)