Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We have just completed the children’s program for the marriage conference at our church. It went very well! I was excited to teach the 5&6 year olds. I remember very well my 5 year old Sunday school class at my old church. It was taught by my Grandma, but still it was so much more that made it memorable. Grandma made class more than just Bible lessons. Her class was an imagination station filled with creativity and fun activities. It made me want to go to church and I could remember more of what I learned. Thanks Grandma for the great class so many years ago. Much of the environment I long to create in my class room came from you!

Single Digit Countdown!!!
Last week I felt a bit of nesting going on. Seems a little early but let me tell you all those little nooks and crannies in my house are driving me nuts!!! I found myself deep cleaning….like even unscrewing my floor vents so I could clean inside them, washing my curtains, and organizing cabinets. Maybe the nesting syndrome started so early because I need the next 10 weeks to complete all the tasks. Can anybody relate or do you all have completely organized cabinets all the time? Relate…yeah, that’s what I thought.:) I started to get a little bit concerned though because after my day of cleaning I started having Braxton hick’s contractions. They seemed to be rather consistent so I timed them. Six in just over and hour. I hate calling the doctor because they always tell you drink more water, take a warm bath, etc. So I did the things I know to do but went ahead and put in a call just to be sure. But, just as I thought…drink some water, take a bath, call back later if there is no change is what I was told. What if my little nesting day was for real? I thought. Fortunately they did go away but have been noticeable each day. Just another sign we are getting closer. They quickly brought back memories of true labor pains…no turning back now though. I just focus on seeing this precious ones little face, hands, and feet. To be able to hold her in my arms, close to me and sing happy birthday. And most of all to once again be able to praise such an awesome God for an amazing creation! Can you believe we have only 9 weeks to go before Katherine arrives! (Note: I don’t plan on being late…knock on wood.) That also means the holidays are quickly approaching. Have you started your Christmas shopping? I decided it would be a good idea to start early since shopping during the holiday season with a one year old and a little bitty nursing baby doesn’t sound like that much fun. Is that even possible?

Now to announce my newest adventure! I am sooooooo excited about this….I am going to become an Uppercase Living Demonstrator! Now most of you probably have absolutely no idea what that is but after you know you will love it too. It is a fabulous way to personalize your home with decorative expressions. These expressions are easy to apply and can be removed without damaging your paint. After they are applied they look as if you are beautiful artist who is able to paint exquisite sayings on your wall. I also love the fact that you can apply them on almost any surface- glass, wood, metal, tile, etc.. My goal is to have one show a week, starting the last week in September, through the end of October. So if you would like to hear more about the product let me know and I will be sure to invite you to one of my shows. If I don’t hear from you I will assume you would like to come anyways and I will invite you to one of my shows. :)After all, what was it we were saying about Christmas shopping!? This is a fabulous gift. You could even host a show in your home and earn free product for you or others! Be looking for your invitation soon and be prepared to love this product as much as I do!!!
Here are a few pictures of some of the art. The top picture I did and the others are pictures form the catalog. It is so simple..I love it!