Saturday, May 09, 2009

Doubly Blessed!

It’s truly a shame that there are not enough words in the English language to adequately express how blessed I feel to have the Mothers that I do!

My mom is so many things…sweet, thoughtful, hospitable, SELFLESS, quiet spirited, supporter of Dad, and yet she is also, strong. Simply put she is unbelievably incredible! My role model in so many ways and I strive to be like her. If I can love my husband the way she loves hers and love my children the way she has then I will have accomplished a great task. There are many memories I have with my mom. Almost all include her serving in some way. I was so glad to hear that we were having another girl at Katherine’s ultrasound. It was my honor to name her after such a great woman of God and prayer warrior. Just as I hope to live a fraction of the character and godliness you demonstrate each day I pray each of my girls will also follow in your footsteps.

But that is not all…

I am a double blessed woman with not only an amazing mother but I also have an incredible mother-in-law. When I was a young teenager, around 16, I wrote a paper about the people outside of my family that I looked up to. A lady at my church was on that list. Fortunate for me she later became my mother-in-law! In the paper I wrote how I respected her for the way she loved her husband and was always hospitable. How many people get married and have the dreaded “mother-in-law”? I can hardly imagine how it would be to pour my life into a son, sweat and blood, labor and delivery, and then in a moment let another woman be his priority. It must be a challenge, but that is what my mother-in-law did. She allowed me, and all my imperfections, to become her son’s best friend, soul mate, secret keeper, spouse. She doesn’t pry or overpower, but instead she supports and encourages. She has become a great friend to me and I value her knowledge and experience. She is a counselor to me (after all she raised the man!). Yes, I am blessed…very blessed!

So on this Mother’s day I celebrate the blessing of both of my Mothers. Each special and needed in their own unique way!

The support they offer during the birth (and after!) of our children is not replaceable!

Moms, I love you both so much! You will never know what you each mean to me. Only now that I have entered into the Mother role do I slightly understand how much hard work, love ,paryer, and sacrifice you have invested into us. I hope we honor you through our lives and may our children continue on the amazing heritage you have given us! Thank you for the role models you've been by loving the Lord, your husbands, and then your children. You have given us the greatest gift of all....example!

Happy Mother's Day!