Monday, February 15, 2010

Elizabeth is so quick to learn and enjoys it. A couple of weeks ago she said "I am drawing a heart!" A few minutes later I look over and sure enough a two year old drawn heart was there. Perfectly formed lines? No, but recognizable for sure. I started collecting “preschool” books before I was even married. The other day I cleaned out a cabinet and found some books that I acquired at some point in the last six years. They are erasable and help the kiddos learn how to control the writing by tracing lines, half moons, diagonals, shapes, and eventually letters. Elizabeth has been intently working in her “fun book”. I hope I can teach her to always love to learn.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days

Snow, Snow, Snow! Just yesterday Elizabeth said in a pouty voice “Mommy, I wasn’t the snow back.” “Why” I asked, somewhat glad to see it gone. “So I can play in it!” I guess that was a silly question for me to ask now wasn’t it? Both of the girls LOVED playing in the snow and sledding.Being trapped at home because of the snow was always fun for me as a kid. As a matter of fact as soon as the snow stopped I played for hours outside. Snow days are different as a mom of little ones. I tried to set aside time to do some of my snow day things….cleaning. Oh wait! Cleaning is what I do every day. Oh, that’s right, Snow days are different when you are a mom of little ones! Actually I was very grateful to be at our house with power during the entire storm. We were able to maintain pretty normal life since we are at home anyway. Brandon stayed here too, which is a challenge for him. He kept himself busy by installing Windows 7 on our computer. I was proud of him. The sun finally found its way out of the clouds and melted it all way. The ground is still soaking wet though. It had almost dried up from the Christmas snow when the next one came in and we have had several days of winter mix with grey skies. On the bright side maybe the spring will be beautiful and extra green. I am trying to look at the bright side of things and use this time to cook away in the kitchen; something I enjoy but is rather unpleasant in the heat of the summer. So here are a few pictures of our snow day with the Werners.

We went to Braums for lunch and a treat before "hiting the slopes".
Katherine would start crying as soon as I touched her feet to the ground to get off of the sled. They just wanted to go over and over again. In this picture she looks scared. I think she is an adrineline junkie because as soon as we stopped she would laugh and then of course cry when I sat her down.

Brandon made it down the whole way snowboard style!
Britt and Lauren
Crazy Kiddos at heart
Lizzy (Click to see her face)_
Special Memories

Friday, February 05, 2010