Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Saturday Evening

It’s been a long time. A very long time. So long in fact that I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed its luxury. But Saturday, oh sweet Saturday.

When Brandon and I got married one of the great things about our little home was the large bathtub in the master bathroom. It isn’t a jacuzzi tub but a large garden tub great for soaking in a relaxing bath. Over the years I have enjoyed it many, many times. Slowly however the hot water pressure in the tub began to dwindle until at last it was nothing more than a small stream. I used to start the water and do other things while the tub was slowly filling but I made the final draw when I filled the bath with nothing but hot water and it took so long that by the time I could get in it the water was already cold. It was a sad day and an awful way to bid farewell, for who knew how long, to the relaxing baths I’d grown to love so very much.

As I said earlier I can’t even remember how long ago this was but if my memory serves me correctly I believe this would have been in December sometime. I hate having to call a repair man for things that can be rather expensive. I was hoping I could get someone who knew something about plumbing over and at least give me an idea of what was wrong. Was it a big or small problem? Would I be paying a plumber for 2 hours or 10 hours? Anyways, I never was able to find a person that could give me an idea of the needed repairs so showers became the norm. That was not a problem until I became pregnant. I knew I should immediately start pursing more diligently the repair of the tub. Shaving in our tiny shower is challenging enough when I am skinny but with a basketball in front of me it proves on a regular basis to be ridiculously difficult.

Now, my no tub days are over. I had talked with a few men about the tub problem and got some ideas of what the problem might be. Saturday my dad came over and he and Brandon did the necessary tasks to locate the problem and make the repairs. I sat on a stool in the bathroom occasionally overseeing their work while enjoying watching Brandon’s muscles flex when the bath tub needed to be lifted. :)

Then after the repairs were complete I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.

Lit a candle or two

Began my Christmas music

Got my extra-large cup of ice, dimmed the lights, and reunited with my sweet tub.
As I lowered myself into the tub I cannot really explain how wonderful the feeling of a warm bath on my sore body was.
You know how you flop onto your bed after being away from it for a trip and even if you’ve had nice places to sleep there is nothing quite like your bed. It makes your body kind of melt into a puddle of perfect…ahhh. That is the closest description I can come up with about how I felt slipping into my warm bath that night. Just…ahhhh. No words. Just…..ahhhh.
You fellow bath lovers know exactly what I mean.
And this is how I spent my Saturday evening....and my Sunday evening....and Monday evening....and Wednesday morning....and well, you get the :)idea!