Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wisdom for All

Like any good Christian parent my children listen to fun bible songs in the car quite often. Each time the old song about the two men (a wise one who built his house on the rock and a foolish one who built his house on the sand) plays Elizabeth wisely proclaims “We don’t want to be like the foolish man Mom!”. I smile and reply with a voice of pride “That’s right sweetie!”

Tonight the above scenario took place on our way home and I respond with the usual “I have a wise child” voice tone but tonight I added a quick question I was confident she knew the answer too.

“Liz, your right we don’t want to be like the foolish man. Who do we want to be like?” Her response was quick,
“We want to be a woman.” Her voice tone one of prim and properness.

For some reason the first thought that came into my head was a scene from “I Love Lucy” where Ricky says “LUCY, Yuv got some splanin tu do!”

Lesson learned: Follow up questions are always a good idea! Particularly before thinking your child is going to be a wise Bible scholar. :)


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Doing Well

Dad's surgery went very well. The doctor's feel like the surgery was very successful! Dad lost a lot of blood but they were able to recycle his own blood and give it back to him. They feel he will now have 90 degree mobility in his hip. Last night we went up to see him. He seemed to be doing well. He had walked to the door in his room and back earlier that day. Of course pain managment one thing they are trying to stay on top of right now. The Doctor said that sometimes they open up the patient and really can't do alot for them. But they really felt they were able to get most of the extra bone that had formed and it would be of great help for dad's recovery.

Thank you so much for the prayers!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Greg is Having Surgery Monday Morning! Please Pray!

I apoligize for the delay in reporting this prayer need for Dad. Monday morning (10/4/10) he is scheduled to have surgery on his hip to remove the calcification build up. This surgery is a big deal but should help him tramendously with his ability to walk. We are not sure of the expectations of his walking ability after this surgery though because he has lots of damage in his knee on the same side which will be fixed by surgery later in the spring.

Please Pray for:
1.) Peace for Dad (and mom)
2.) The Surgeons
3.) Dad's recovery to be quick and as painless as possible (For his and Mom's sake :) )

Below is a recent article Dad wrote for our church newsletter:

Greetings to my wonderful church family! God is good all the time! All the time God is good! It has been a long time since I have written a Harbinger article. It’s been so wonderful to see each of you over the past few weeks. How can I ever thank you for the incredible love and support you have shown to me and my family. Kim has shared with me from her journal records all the visitors that have come to see me and have offered prayers on my behalf since my accident in April. You are all so very important to me. Thank you seems so inadequate. As many of you know, Justin and I were in a rollover collision April 10th. That day will go down as one of those life-altering days. Our lives will never be the same. As so many different people lifted prayers to the Lord, He has answered them so amazingly. Justin has almost fully recovered and may have one more surgery to remove the screws that were placed in his ankle. Praise the Lord! The Lord did not cause our accident but He has certainly been with us throughout the entire ordeal. He promised in His word that He would never leave us or forsake us, He is Faithful! My injuries were a little more severe. I was thrown from the vehicle (wear your seat belts!) and landed 75 feet in front of the car after it stopped rolling. I do not know how I came out of the automobile, but I do know that God caught me and caused me to land easier. I was told that I did not have but one scratch on my shoulder. Unfortunately I did have some internal injuries. My pelvis was broken in half and had 8 other major breaks in it, I had 12 broken ribs, both of my lungs collapsed, I tore the ACL and MCL in my knee, had a perforated bladder, and sustained a brain injury. They only gave a 20% chance of survival those first few days. I praise the Lord for His goodness and love for me. I have never been closer to Him than I am right now. He has sustained my life and blessed me more than you can imagine. The enemy, Satan, tried to destroy me and keep me silent. He was unsuccessful in those attempts because of all the prayers offered for me. God once again thwarted the attack of the enemy and has given me life! What Satan means for evil, God will turn to good! Praise His holy name! The road to recovery will not be an easy one. I was in a coma for the first little while. I had 3 surgeries during that time period and do not remember anything about the wreck or treatment until early June. I am so glad to be at home now after 111 days in the hospital. My family is so amazing as they offer me care. I can hardly do anything for myself. Even picking up something that I drop is almost impossible. Kim is God’s choice for my wife. He has given and continues to give her unbelievable grace to serve me over and over again. I am so thankful for such a wonderful bride! Today Kim and I went to see my orthopedic doctor. He told me that I had done very well in my rehab and looked like I was getting much stronger. He had me do a CAT scan while I was in his office so that he could more clearly see my hip. They took over 1000 images of my hip and treated a 3-d image on the computer. As we looked at the image he smiled. We could tell from his face and words that he was encouraged! He said that the surgery ahead would be a difficult one, because they will have to go in and actually remove bone from the hip area that grew while I was motionless in the coma. The position of the bone is what encouraged him. He said that he thought he could get to the” extra” bone without cutting through any muscle. This will make for a much easier recovery. He is working with the other doctors to schedule a time for surgery but would like to do it the first week of October! Praise the Lord, again He has changed the schedule and is moving the surgery forward. I will be in the hospital for at least a week and then perhaps be able to come back home. It all depends on how I recover, so I ask you to keep that time in your prayers! After the first of the year I will need to have some surgical work done on my knee. I have 3 ligaments torn or damaged. We will once again trust the Lord for the results and the timing. Today we are simply rejoicing in the Lord! I attended Pastor Jerry’s class last evening and we learned that God called himself Jehovah Kennaw, which simply means I am a jealous God. We saw through scripture that the Lord is always pursuing us simply due to the love that He has for each of us. His love and goodness continue to overwhelm me. He is such a great God! Thank you again for all of your prayer, love and support for my family! If not for the Lord this would have been much worse. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! I am resting at home doing some research on the upcoming surgery. I have sent Kim to a day spa to have a lady there give her a full back massage! She deserves so much honor and credit for where I stand in the recovery. She has been with me every day since the accident April 10th. We both prayed for you today just before she left. You are on our minds and in our thoughts. We are so grateful for your love, compassion, and most of all your prayers. May God reward your efforts and may we see His hand together in a complete and quick recovery.

To God be the glory! He is good all the time!
Pastor Greg

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our family LOVES the tradition of going to the state fair. We normally go more than once. Opening day Brandon and I brought the girls. It was a bit hot outside but we all had a great time. Tickets for the ice capades were on sale for the opening night so I bought two and Elizabeth and I had a “Mommy, Lizzy time” . Traffic was HORRIBLE on the way there and so we were thirty minutes late. I was quite frustrated considering I had already allowed myself an extra thirty minutes than what I needed to get there, but we still had a great time and it all worked out ok. My Aunt Rhonda always took us to the ice capades when we were little. I have great memories of those times and so I think it was a bit sentimental for me to take Liz. I didn’t take my camera to the show because I didn’t think they were allowed. So they are just memories in my heart.

Then on Tuesday evening the Werner family went to enjoy the fair. We enjoy fair food during this visit. We like to look around and watch a few shows and just enjoy each other’s company. Nanny and Papa are the stars of this trip since they, well, pay for it. J Elizabeth and Katherine LOVED riding the horses and Elizabeth enjoyed the camel ride with Uncle Justin too.  

With the events of the year I think we all cherished our Family Fair Tradition a little more this year. Thank you Lord for Your goodness to us!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

THE Event

Many of you have already heard that I was in a car accident on Friday evening just after 5:00 p.m. The weather had been absolutely amazing on Friday and I wanted to get some clean quiet country air to go along with the beautiful day. So, I headed out to one of my all time forever and ever favoritest places, Tuterville. My dad is home from Dallas but with mom still there I thought a visit from me and the grandbabies would be a welcome surprise. Originally I had planned on going out early in the afternoon but I had some things that needed done at our house so I finished those things up during the girl’s naptime. The entire day had been shaping up to feel like a Saturday. Brandon is off of work on Friday’s so he had been in and out of the house all day and had even helped me with a couple of projects around the house. When I got on the road headed out I was again reminded that today was not Saturday but rather a Friday evening just about rush hour. The thought of slow traffic didn’t bother me much though because after all it was a beautiful day and I was really in no hurry. No reason to let a little thing like traffic ruin my day. To make the trip more enjoyable, the girls and I began bobbing our head to some Veggie Tales tunes. Everything was splendid.

Not far past Anderson Road heading East bound on I-240 two interstates combine. It is a common place for traffic to slowdown and I’m pretty positive there is almost a daily “jam” in that location. This day it seemed backed up a bit further than normal. I’m not sure of the reason. Elizabeth let out a small giggle with a “Whoa” accompanying it as I noticeably hit my brakes to slow with the quickly stopping traffic. Naturally when traffic comes to a quick stop after getting your vehicle to an appropriate speed you check your rearview mirror to make sure the guy behind you has done or is doing the same thing. The view in my mirror wasn’t a real pleasant one. A truck. A big truck. Going fast. Very fast. “Slow down, “I thought. He was approaching at speed limit or greater and had appeared at no attempt to even slow. My suspicions were confirmed the moment he did see me and hit his brakes but it was all over. Too close, too fast. He took a quick swerve right and then a hard swerve left. In an attempt to avoid collision I went to the right a bit trying to get to the shoulder creating enough of a gap for us to remain on track for our original destinations, body parts and vehicles intact with nothing more than a tale of a super close call. But our attempts were somewhat in vain and crash, bang, whiplash and all our vehicles would never be the same. The impact was hard immediately shattering my back windshield and driver’s side rear window. Glass was now accompanying me in the front seat and my babies were shrieking in fear complete unaware and unimpressed with what had just happened. I’m sure at some point the words “oh gravy” slipped from my lips. I waited for a second impact not sure of where the other vehicle was currently at or what other cars might come flying my way at any minute. I feared he was a roll over as pieces of debris and dirt began to fly in all sorts of directions. I am unsure of what all came off of his truck but I do know he lost his tire. Yes, his tire came sliding across the road taunting me of April’s events. I realize I may be overly sensitive to flying tires but I feel I am justified in that sensitivity given recently family occurrences. The tire never became anymore of an issue besides a mere piece of debris and it came to a peaceful rest without causing further insult or injury.

Upon realizing all vehicles had come to a complete stop, mine about 25 yards on down the road from the initial impact now resting in the grass rather than the pavement. The truck was now facing south bound in the center median still upright not having rolled. I turned my head in an effort to check on the girls. All visible signs gave me a peace that they were nothing more than scared. I reassured them we were fine and proceeded to do the next thing, call 911. No Brandon. No 911 is who you call first. I forced my brain to work the fancy features on my phone and begged my brain to send loud and clear messages to my hands to calm themselves and stop shaking. A touch screen is very difficult to use with shaky hands. Even dialing 911 can be the most difficult of simple tasks. My brain demands worked and my hands steadied enough to dial in the numbers, 9….1….1. “Wait, what if they want me to stay on the line with them until they get here because they hear screaming children in the background? I think I should call Brandon first. Yes, I need Brandon. He can do the thinking for me.” Backspacing the emergency numbers I had worked so hard to enter I dialed now the digits to my love. My hero.

Starting the conversation with “We are fine, we are all just fine.” He cut me off before I could get to the point of the call.

“Have you been in an accident?” he asked

“Yes, a pretty bad one, but we are all just fine. The car is not fine but we are.”

The conversation ended and he was on his way to help.
By this time passersby were stopping to check on us. I couldn’t open my door and the girls continued their screams. Trying to prioritize things I decided we needed to exit the vehicle. But how was I going to get out? I had already given the man checking on us a “thumbs up” that we were ok and he was headed over to check on the other guy. His back was to me. How would he see that we were stuck? As I looked to try and get someone’s attention I saw fluid pouring from the other guy’s vehicle. What if my car was pouring fluid? What is it was gas? Our situation could go from just fine to dead in an instant! I’ve seen the movies. No one, and I mean no one survives those explosions besides Jack Bauer, who was not currently present, and we all know Hollywood’s main goal is to make those scenes realistic. Yes this could get bad! It was then that I realized my car was still running and I could in fact just roll down my window and ask for help. I told my brain to stop the drama and to think rationally. I would reward myself later with a cappuccino chunky chocolate shake made with coffee instead of milk from Braum’s. The bribe worked and the following events were dealt with in a non Jack Bauer manner. The kind passerby opened my door and then when to the passenger side to help me get the girls out. I discovered that Liz was crying mostly because the impact had caused her to lose her snack bag of pretzels which had fallen to the ground. Her tears quickly subsided after I had reunited the two of them together. Kate also calmed quickly after I had her out of the vehicle and in my arms. She also had “buckles” her trusty steed, that she takes with her everywhere, to provide an extra measure of comfort. All parties involved were ok besides jolted and sore. Soon I would discover muscles I didn’t even know existed had been tensed up during the ordeal. These muscles introduced themselves to me and I have thrown them a welcoming party with Loratab. The two are getting along beautifully. My hero showed up about the same time as the emergency vehicles. He did exactly what I was hoping and took care of things for me. We ended up transporting Liz by ambulance to the hospital to get check out because she was complaining about one spot on her back and because these things always tend to happen on Friday’s after doctors offices close and Monday is a holiday. Go figure. If something was wrong I’d rather nip it in the bud.
 She was thrilled to ride in an “ambilance” and before her hospital discharge she was more concerned about going out to see and play with Nanny and Kate than the spot on her back. The doctor and Brandon encouraged me to get myself checked out too and by the time we had gotten to the hospital I was rather sore. So, after Elizabeth’s discharge transport took me to the presby tower to be seen by a doctor. I feared we would be there for many hours as I heard people in the waiting room complaining of waiting for three hours without being seen yet. Fortunately I didn’t have to get an official room and within the hour x-rays had been taken, prescriptions written and we were on our way home, all in one piece thanking the Lord for his protection over our family. On the way to the hospital the paramedics told me when they got the call on the wreck medi-flight was in route because with the sight of the wreckage they were certain someone would need it. Greg and Kim took our girls for the night and so I was able to get a good night’s rest and sleep-in in the morning. I snuggled up next to Brandon that night grateful I wasn’t in a hospital bed or mourning the death of one or both of our daughters. Today I took an extra minute to tuck my girls in bed to look them in the eye’s saying “I love you”.

After you read this I hope you will take a minute to go snuggle up next to your loved ones just because you can and look them in the eyes and say “I love you”. Not to bid them farwell as you rush out the door with a million other things on your mind but in an effort to savor a moment. Because the truth of the matter is that the chances of that happening to me are no less than the chances of that happening to you and not everyone is blessed enough to walk way. Cherish each moment. Know your eternal destination. And always pay attention to the traffic in front of you.

You know what? I still owe myself that shake from Braum’s.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Note From Greg Werner

God is good… all the time!!!!!

This is the long awaited update that I wanted to send. I am so happy to report to you that after 111 days in the hospital and rehab I have been released! I am currently undergoing outpatient therapy and waiting to see my orthopedic doctor to help make a new plan. I have two surgeries still waiting for me. The first will be on my right hip to remove calcium making my hip unusable. The second surgery will be to repair torn ligaments in my knee. I am not sure when we will schedule these, but the first should be sometime this winter. We will know more after we see the doctor.

I want to take time to thank those of you who have stood with my family through this ordeal. Many of you have given money, food, comforting words, cards, and prayer. How can I possibly begin to say thank you? This has been the longest tragedy that I have faced to this point in my life. April 10th will go down as a life changing day for my family. The vehicle accident is forever etched in our minds! Though we would never choose this event, God has been faithfully reminding me to count my blessings. I am so grateful to be alive and sending this update. I could easily have been killed in the accident. I was ejected from the rolling car more than 70 feet down the highway. I have had three surgeries to date to repair my pelvis, which was shattered, and to remove my spleen. I was in a coma for many days and can’t remember any of the accident. That within itself is a blessing. I slept through some very difficult procedures and days! My greatest blessing is my amazing family. From the very first day my boys have risen to the need! They have served me in numerous ways. Brandon and Rachael took on all of bill pay duties personally and for the church, and kept an ongoing blog to help keep you updated. Thank you so much! Jon took care of things at home and really became the man of the house. I am so proud of him, he also took over my Glory Seals class. Lauren called and visited me often and loved me unbelievably. Justin is still healing but spent many days under the loving watchful eyes of Terry and Cyndi Myers. You guys are amazing!

The blessings don’t even start to end there. God has been so faithful. He has provided the most amazing staff of doctors and therapist to help me. So many men stayed with me through the night. Odus Compton visited me often; Pastor Jerry gave me incredible love, support and council, and many of you served us, all so amazingly. My mom and my younger brother stayed with me constantly. They have provided me with unbelievable support throughout the entire time I was hospitalized. So many of you have loved me and served me through prayer and acts of kindness that they are too many to recognize in this article. Let me just say thank you all so very much for loving us and giving us support!

I would miss this opportunity if I did not recognize my bride Kim. No one has loved me more than she has. She has been with me every day since the wreck loving and encouraging me. She is a rock! The Lord has given me the perfect help mate! We have laughed and cried many tears together. She has always been there to encourage me and to love me.

I still have a long way to go. I can’t walk without a walker or help. I still have the surgeries ahead of me. But through it all I have learned to trust Jesus more and more. He didn’t cause this to happen to us, but he has been with us every second of the day. His word says that he will never leave us or forsake us. He is faithful! I certainly could not be here today if not for His blessing. He remains the greatest blessing that I can count. I have often said that the greatest asset of our lives is the blessing of Christ. He is good all the time!

Please continue to pray for us and keep us in your minds. We still have a long road ahead of us. God will provide and protect us giving us everything that we need. Thank you for loving us so much and praying for us so often. May God richly reward you for your investment in our family.
God bless you all! Greg Werner

Dad also asked me to include with theses pictures a huge thank you to Ken Haywood and the Hobby Lobby team who did a GREAT job on the remodel of the bathroom. It is beautiful and will be much enjoyed long after the "need" for it is gone.
Double sinks with the vanity built in such a way that dad's chair can slide right up to the sink!

The shower is awesome with no ledges so that there is nothing to step over. It is AMAZING!!! I love the colors and designs of the curtains. Courtesy of Aunt Tammy Werner.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Please Pray with Us Tomorrow!

The following is the latest from "Ella's Journey". Please be praying for her tomorrow!

Surgery is scheduled again for tomorrow. They say Ella will be first case in the morning, maybe second case. That is hospital time in case you didn’t know. :) The plan is for the surgeons to complete the procedure they began last week. As I am sure many of you remember last week’s procedure didn’t go as planned. They began the first of a three part series to fix Ella’s heart. However, once they got started there was more swelling and damage than they originally thought and so they did a very temporary fix and closed her up. They wanted to more seriously consider a heart transplant. After reviewing the options they decided to continue pursuing the three surgery series fix. So, the goal tomorrow is to complete the first of the three surgeries. This is a very high risk surgery. It should take several hours and her recovery will tell a lot about the surgeries success.

Here are the specific requests:
1.)The Lord’s hand to be guiding the surgeons and giving them wisdom
2.)Ella’s healing and protection
3.)Ella’s other organs to be protected and to continue functioning properly
4.)Peace for…well, everyone. :)

I will let you know as soon as I hear when Ella goes into surgery. Please pray tomorrow when you are prompted!
Psalm 10:17O LORD, you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear.
In the meantime enjoy, with a tissue, this video we made for sweet Ella. Then go and give your kids a hug and kiss. Each child truly is a blessing and a miracle!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ella Likes to See Mommy Getting Kisses!

Ella is currently stable. She had a procedure yesterday that didn't go exactly the way it was planned. When they started the surgery there was more damage than they anticipated and so they only did a temporary fix adn will be making a decision on how to proceed within a day or two. This video was taken after Ella's surgery and was good way to end a somewhat difficult day.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Praise the Lord!

Update from
We never recieved official word of when Ella's surgery started. She went to OR right away but last we heard the doctors where talking about the best approach. However, I just recieved word that Ella's surgery is complete! The doctors are very happy with the outcome. There were a few things that were a bit more complitacted than planned but it all went well and they did not experience any of the major complications that can sometimes come with these surgeries. Ella is doing well. Oh, my goodness I love her!!! Thank you Jesus for all you have done today! Please continue to be with Ella throughout the night!

She will continue to be closely moniotored throughout the night.

Amy is hurting pretty badly. She so badly wants to see Ella. She is trying to find the balance between taking enough medication not to be in intense pain but also not taking too much to make her recovery time to seeing Ella delayed. Please pray for her.

Thank you all for your prayers today. Take a minute to thank the Lord for what he has done and keeping praying!

Aunt Rachael

She's a Fighter! Update from Ella's Journey

Update from "Ella's Journey"

Ella's is still stable and is holding her own. She has been a fighter from the beginning.

Ella's first surgery has not begun yet. This is a good thing; the doctor's are not rushed and they are able to be thorough and examine every detail before they begin. We are doing our due diligence and trusting God for His best.

Here is a picture of sweet baby Ella! Please keep this precious baby girl in your prayers.

Amy is resting and recovering well. Jon is at Children's Hospital with Ella. More updates will be posted as we receive new information.

Ella is Born

This is an update from "Ella's Journey"

Ella is here! She was born at 3:23pm and weighed 7lbs. 1.7 oz. The family waited in a room just of the main hallway for several minutes as a team of more than 20 doctors worked to stabalize Ella and Amy and prepare Ella for her first surgery.

Around 3:55pm we saw a short glimps of baby Ella as the medical staff rushed her down the hallway. Ella has already been through so much, but her journey is just beginning. Please continue to pray!

We just heard from one of the RN's who said that Amy is doing well. They asked us to give them 30 minutes before we try to go see Amy. For now, we know that Mom (Amy) did great. We saw Dad (Jon) walk by with Ella giving her his full attention. He is a great dad already.

We won't have an update on Ella's progress for quite a while. Please check the blog often. We will post as soon as we have any new information.

Most importantly, pray.

Keep Praying for Amy!

My sister's c-section has been postponed until 2:00pm today. Please continue to pray!!!! I will be updating Ella's blog at

Thanks You!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sorry for the delay in updates! We had a very successful mission week at church over the past several days! I will try to post pictures and a highlight video soon.

After our request for visitors Dad got a staph infection. Yuck! Fortunately it wasn't too bad and after several days of antibiotics he was fine. However, he has now been discharged from he hospital for good! Praise the Lord!!! He will be having out patient therapy often. Please don't feel neglected or forgotten if you have asked to come visit Dad. After the staph we have been dealing with the adjustment of being home. He is doing well there and now we are just trying to figure out his schedule so we can resume visitations.

Currently I am in Dallas. Tomorrow morning my little sister will bring my new niece Ella Dawn into the world. Her c-section is scheduled for 9:00am. Would you say a prayer for her when the Lord brings it to your mind? Ella has a rare heart condition and on top of that has a secondary even rarer heart condition. I truly believe God can heal her and that is my prayer. I am excited to meet her! I will try to post often with updates for those interested in her progress. My first blog priority will be Ella's blog which is . There you will find the most recent updates. We so appreciate your prayers!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Please Help Dad with His Recovery

Dad has communicated that he would love to have some visitors come and see him at the hospital. Since our post a few days ago, we have only had a couple people call to schedule a time to come and see him. I know that many of you are probably trying to wait so there is not a huge rush. Let me put your mind to rest, there has not been any rush. In fact, we are requesting that more people call to setup a visit.

Rachael is ready to receive your phone calls and schedule you to make a visit. Depending on the volume of calls, your visit may be several days from the day you call. However, we do not mind scheduling you in advance. In fact, we are asking you to come visit because this is a way you can help Dad in his recovery.

We would like to ask for your help in Dad’s recovery in the following ways:

1.) So many of you have been such prayer warriors for our family during this time. We have been asked over and over again how your can help. Coming for a short visit would be helpful at this time. The therapists want Dad to have visitors for this next step in recovery and transition back into “real life”. It will be easier for him to greet you a few at a time rather than be bombarded the first time he comes to church or another social event.

2.) The time slot we set up for Dad was from 3-5pm. I know this can create a problem for many of you with work schedules. So Dad asked if we could let you know he will also receive visitors from 6-8pm. We are not setting up very many visits each day, but hopefully the extended times will help fit your schedule better.

3.) Don’t tell yourself He doesn’t want to see you…because he DOES want to see YOU. (And if he doesn’t it is only 15 minutes, so for therapy sake he can deal with it anyways)   :)

4.) Not only is this therapy, Dad really wants to see people. So what are you waiting for? If you want to see him give Rachael a call!

We appreciate all you have done for us during this time! Rachael’s number is 405-517-2099 and her email is You can also get in touch with her through facebook.

Dad looks forward to seeing you soon! Thanks for serving our family by helping with this next stage of therapy and recovery.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dad is Ready for Visitors!

Dad told me today that he is ready to see you and allow you to come and pray for him! He is excited about the upcoming events at church and is looking forward to getting involved once again. Obviously there is still a lot of healing that needs to take place -- Dad just started using his legs again, and he is scheduled for two surgeries within the next year. However, we are optomistic that Dad will make a full recovery and be able to get back involved in some church projects in the near future.

So here is how this visitation thing is going to work:
Rachael is going to be the contact for visitors who would like to come see and pray for Dad. Her phone number is 405-517-2099. All visits must be cleared through Rachael. If you desire to visit Dad, please call Rachael and setup an appointment (you can also use facebook or email to set an appointment).

Dad is prepared to receive visitors on weekdays between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. Dad still has some difficulty with extended visitors or to much stimulation, so we are requesting that visitors limit their visit to 15min. When you call Rachael, she will discuss with you an exact time based on Dad's schedule (i.e. 4:15pm-4:30pm). The family has requested that all visits be approved through Rachael; thank you for honoring this request.

Rachael plans to schedule visits on a first come first serve basis. She is going to keep a calendar and stay in touch with Mom and Grandma who spend many hours at the hospital. If Dad has a hard day or a change in schedule on the day you are scheduled to visit, Rachael may call you and reschedule your appointment. Thanks in advance for your flexibility and consideration.

Today was a good day at Western Hills Church. Attendance was high and you could sense excitment about The Mission events coming next week (see for details). Pastor Wells played a short video of Dad that went along with the message. We have posted that video to this blog... hope it is a blessing to you! Thank you for continuing to pray for our family. I know Jesus is enough, but I am sure glad He has blessed us with friends and family like you. We love you all!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yummy Cakes and Such

Last night Britt and Lauren had an informational fundraiser dessert event. They are going to be joining the staff at the BSU at OU. Anyways, as a part of my contribution I jumped on the opportunity to make some dessert. I enjoy making dessert but don’t always do it because with the size our family I would, well, eat the large majority of the luscious dessert item, whatever it may be. It would certainly be the vast majority if it included chocolate. :) One of the desserts I made was a Chocolate Fudge Cake. Yum! My favorite part of this recipe was learning how simple it is to make chocolate curls.

My children never complain when I ask them to help me clean!

For Justin’s Birthday I wanted to try out a new circle cake pan I got. It is perfect for making all sorts of sports ball cakes. I didn’t know when the cake was going to be used until the morning of, so, I decided that instead of making my icing I would buy some canned. Unfortunately I bought whipped instead of regular and therefore the icing was very difficult to pipe on the cake and was indeed dripping off the bottom. The pan worked perfectly though! I’m still not exactly sure how they put icing on the underneath side of those cakes though. Guess I will have to try again sometime. Recently I have been struggling a bit with my cake decorating hobby. It takes a lot of time and patience. (Why I even picked up the hobby I’m not sure because the previously listed attributes don't describe me.) It is definitely not something to rush. Much more enjoyable when you have friends present.

Lizzy and I made this cake for Papa on his birthday but he wasn’t feeling well that day. Lizzy was convinced papa would share so we kept the cake at home. We thought about how much we loved papa and then we enjoyed his chocolate cake for him. (Why yes,yes, I did eat the vast majority of the cake. Did you really feel the need to point that out?)

Over the course of our summer events I brought out a childhood recipe that I LOVED growing up. Granny (my great grandmother) always made this for me every birthday! Of course her crust was made from scratch and her strawberries from the garden. I have taken the short cuts but the pie tastes great anyways. Something was special about Granny’s pie though. Maybe it was just her touch. It is my honor to take on the responsibility of keeping this recipe alive and past onto others in order to enhance their lives in some small way. Without further ado (don't questions my spelling abilities- I googled it!) I present the yummy recipe to...

Granny’s Strawberry Alaskan Pie
1 3oz. package Jello-Strawberry (or same flavor as fruit)
2/3C. Boiling Water
1C. Vanilla Ice Cream
1C. Fresh Strawberries (I use frozen sometimes)
3C. Cool Whip
Dissolve Jello in boiling water. Stir in ice cream until melted and smooth, add strawberries. Stir in cool whip. Pour into a graham cracker crust and chill for several hours.
Granny always made this in either a strawberry(my favorite) or peach version. I think it would be fun to play around with different jello/fruit combinations.

Your taste buds can than me later. :)

Enjoy the simple things in life, like rainbows and chocolate!
This was out my back door the other day

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time With Family

This past weekend I was able to spend time with some family on both sides of our family. It started on Saturday when Elizabeth and I sent special time together for the family tea. We were able to visit with some family that lives out of state that had come in to visit. It was a lot of fun!

Cousin Nikki and her sisters looked very pretty and were being very lady like.

Then on Sunday we had our family Sunday lunch with Dad. Our church family has been so amazing to us during this difficult time. They have groups of ladies that make us lunch each Sunday so we can have lunch together. The Sunday lunches have been such a blessing for all of us! Normally we have lunch in the eating area at Jim Thorpe, but not this week. This Sunday we had lunch at home, Mom and Dad’s home, with dad there! He got a day pass for Saturday day and Sunday day and so we had lunch at home! I’m not sure when he will get another day pass. The therapists gave specific instructions to keep the house pretty quite with dad there. Dad is not home for good and the therapists still don’t want him having visitors at home or at the hospital. He continues to work hard in therapy and continues to improve. Please to continue to pray.

Katie-Kate says "thank you for the dessert!"

Mom and Maw-Maw

And the above picture reminds me...may I just take a minute to say how amazing Kim Werner is! She has done such an amazing job during this whole ordeal and keeps on just loving others more than herself. Now, I know mom would be the first to tell you it is only through Jesus Christ she has been able to keep it all together and I would agree, but Christ is always there in each of our sistuations and it is your choice to rely on Him. Thank you mom for setting such an awesome example! I do believe the grandkids are mom’s form of therapy. :) Much less painful than dad’s therapy and she welcomes her therapy. Each “session”!

Justin no longer is wearing the boot and has even started mowing lawns again and all other summer activities. He still has screws in his ankle. Mom is getting council from a few doctors before deciding if Justin is going to have the screws removed or leave them in.

Actuall x-ray of Justin's ankle.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Update on Greg

Greg had a doctors appointment yesterday and it went really well. He is now able to be weight bearing on his legs! Praise the Lord!!! This last week he has been able to get in the pool and work his legs. He has enjoyed it but it has been painful and difficult. Does that make since? Enjoying somthing painful and difficult. I think it does if you have been in a bed or chair for the past three months.

Dad is doing a great job and working so hard. Glory Seals you would be so proud! Even when it hurts and is hard the Lord is his strength, he keeps his eyes in the goal, and he presses on!

Keep up the great work dad! We love you so much! Today in difficult times dwell on this verse – 2 Corinthians 12:6 My grace is sufficient for thee: for My strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Please keep the prayers coming! The physical therapy is hard and painful. His grace is sufficient!


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

“Our family needs a vacation!” Brandon declared Monday late afternoon about 4:00PM. This comment had been made several times throughout the previous weeks but after practically looking at the situation, with little ones, it didn’t seem worth the money. Tradition had been for many years past to go on summer vacation with our families. This has been the case long before our marriage. But we like the tradition to continue on because, well, we like our families. :) This year things just didn’t work. Normally the families all share in the expense so that helps quite a bit. Brandon and I weren’t sure what we were going to do, if anything. So, back to sentence one...

“Our family needs a vacation!” Brandon declared Monday late afternoon about 4:00PM. “What would you think about us getting away tonight for a couple of days?”
“I think its a little late notice for tonight” I, being the rational one said.

I won’t give you conversational details but it concluded with a bunch of irrational spontaneous comments (Brandon) and rational “are you kidding me” comments (Rachael). Then he did it. He pulled the veto card! Now, here I have two plays. 1.) Have an attitude because I didn’t get my way and because he is being unreasonable or 2.) Go with it and just have a good ole time. I wish the good little girl in me would always choose play number two buuuut this is not always the case my friends. (I know, and you thought I was perfect.) So, on Monday night it is slightly possible I started out with play number one and then switched over to play number two half way through the first quarter. After Brandon purchased the hotel rooms I knew this was more than just talk. We were really headed “out of town” a.s.a.p (As soon as packed)! Who cares if it doesn’t make since to pay for a hotel room 10 miles from home. This Werner family was going on vacation and we were going to like it!

So what did we do for fun and entertainment? We went to Norman, Oklahoma! The girls did great in the car. (Always a concern on vacations.) We stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool, which we took advantage of, shopped and played at the Sooner Fashion Mall, ate a several great restaurants, had late night wings and edemame, watched a movie in the dollar theater, and laughed and had a good time as a family!

Please prepare yourself for the following statement…I Rachael, admit that my mature rational thinking would have been boring and normal and that Brandon made the right, irrational spontaneous call on this one. If I had it to do over again I would pay for the hotel room 10 miles from home so we could have a family vacation right here!!! I am glad he played the veto and I was wrong, he was right. There, I said it. Whew!

It really was so much fun and Brandon was right, we needed a vacation! Thank you Brandon for balancing out this boring, rational wife of yours with a veto and a little spontaneity every once in a while! But, please don’t get too carried away. :)