Saturday, November 26, 2005

Trailer Pictures!

Okay, we promised pictures and here they are! These were taken at night (because this was the only time we had time).

God has provided in so many ways! This trailer is 1200 sq. ft., has three bedrooms, two full baths, and is in very nice condition! Give us a call and come and see for yourself what God is blessing us with... and it is all paid for in cash! God is so good!

Bryce Reid came by and helped Rachael, Lauren, Justin and I tape everything off to paint and texture. Mr. Nolen and my father have invested many hours already in this task. The house was just recently textured and we will paint soon (picture to come). We are very excited to watch the Lord work and provide in so many ways! To God be the glory!

I will post more pictures and updates as soon as I can. Until then, please pray that the Lord would to continue to provide for us and that we would direct all the glory back to HIM!

CBI General Update

CBI is going well. We are taking a week off because of the thanksgiving holiday. The CBI team may try to put together a small children's program for the Christmas season. Please pray that we will make wise decisions as we prepare for next year physically, emotionally, and spiritually in CBI. We will have new teams, new assignments, etc. Thanks for your prayers!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rachael's Birthday Night!

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Weekend Plans (Rachael's Birthday!)

We have lots planned this weekend! We are going to try to texture and paint the inside of our house, fix some plumbing, replace some sinks and fixtures, celebrate Rachael’s 20th birthday, and work on things for HOPE and CBI. We are also planning on going to the Character First! Scavenger hunt! We will try to take some pictures of the hunt and our house and post them before the week is over. Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Prayer Request

The Lord has been so faithful! Right now, our prayer request are:
- That God would continue to provide for all our needs
- That we would find favor with our new neighbors and be a Godly testimony
- That God would provide the remaining appliances and furniture we need
- That CBI and HOPE Ministry would prosper as we seek to glorify God through these ministries

Would you please be in prayer for us concerning these issues? Add a comment to this ijournal if you have a prayer request we can pray for. Thank you for your investments in what the Lord is doing through our lives!

Home Update

We have been working on our new home. Phillip Nolen, Sam, and Jon Shepherd, and my dad have been putting a lot of work into the trailer with us. We have taken all the carpet out, taped and patched the walls, fixed the heat and water, and done a WHOLE LOT of touch up here and there. The Lord has been so faithful to provide for all our needs! Finances and help have come at just the right times when we needed them! I thank God and His people for the events that are taking place in our lives. To God be the Glory!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rachael's Engagement Ring! Posted by Picasa

Our New Home

Dear Body at Western Hills,

This blog is to tell others what God has done and is doing in our lives AND to update you on our journey with Him so you can know how to pray for us as we begin this new adventure with Him! We will continue to update this blog so you will know what the Lord is doing in our lives. We hope to have pictures and other things posted very soon.

We became engaged on August 18, 2005. From this moment on, it has been a fast paced adventure filled with struggles, learning, trials, victories, defeats, and God's blessing!

Pastor Wells spoke this Sunday partly on the four seasons and how each believer will experience the different "seasons of life" multiple times in their walk with the Lord. God has already taken us through a brief time in all four seasons and there is still an infinite amount of knowledge to be learned! Please pray for us as week seek God and follow His commands through good times and bad.

Currently, we are walking in a spring time full of new and exciting things! Mainly God's blessing! We have been so blessed by the Lord in the provision of our new home it is humbling. Not only were we able to purchase our new trailer for a third of what it is worth (with cash), but was are being made to clean and fix it up, furnish it, save some money, remain debt free, and use the home for His glory! So many people have prayed and served us the last few months without thought of return. We are humbled and grateful for the love you have shown to us. May God return your investment ten fold to you!

The trailer is amazing! It is a three bed, two full bath mobile home that is about 1500 sq. feet! Most furniture and appliances are already donated or paid for and we are near completion with the remodeling. God has blessed us with finance on perfect cue, willing people who want to serve the Lord by serving us through this new home, discounts on merchandise and deposits, and many, many more ways! We cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to see God work in this way. It is one thing to see God work in others lives, but it is different when He works in your own.

To all those who have invested in our lives, thank you so much for your time and prayer support! You mean so much to us and are grateful beyond words! We love you all very much. May God bless you ten fold for your investment in this union and this institution for the Lord. To Him be all blessing and honor and glory and power forever and ever more!

In Christ,
Brandon and Rachael