Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy belated Valentines! Elizabeth was happy to be the valentine of her Nana and Grandaddy. They gave her a new book and a bright balloon. She loved both! Although we haven't been to Tuterville in awile I hear that her Great Grandpa also has a valentine waiting for her. :) I always loved getting valentines from my daddy and Grandpa. It always made me feel so loved in a special way. My daddy got me a red rose for valentines. I love you dad! :) This year Brandon and I got to teach about 18children at our church for the Valentines banquet. It was a blast. We are going to be celebrating our Valentines later. :)Here are some pics of Elizabeth's Valentine gifts.

Last year my mom bought Elizabeth this dress at a garage sale! It is just to cute! So I thought I would post some pics of Elizabeth in it.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Hello to all! Things have been well for us except for Elizabeth's cold. That has been hard on both mommy and Elizabeth. If only you could teach a nine month old how to blow her nose! :) I don't have anything real special to write about so I thought I would just post some new cute pictures,of course of Elizabeth!
This summer our church did a fundraiser. To help with it my mother-in-law organized a church wide garage sale. During the garage sale we met a family who had a baby boy named Conner, who was Elizabeth's age. Infact they shared a birthday. He had a liver disease and needed a liver transplant. The family put out a jar for donations. We invited them to church and they came several times. Conner got his liver transplant but it didn't work and Jesus called him home. Today we attended his memorial service. You just don't realize how grateful you should be as a mommy. The dirty diapers, toys on the floor, sleepless nights...they just aren't that big of a deal because each morning I still get to hear my baby's sweet little voice cooing and calling for mama. And when I round the corner into her room there she stands with that little smile. Cherish each moment!
On Monday the weather ways so beautiful we had to get outside! We planned on going to the zoo with Kristina and Jasmine but Jasmine got sick that morning.:( Maybe another time. Anyway we decided to go to the park by the church. Daddy came over from work and met us there for awhile. We had a great time!
It is amazing how fast she can get something in her mouth! I am becoming quite good at digging things out. :) GOT IT!

I was just playing around here. Elizabeth wasn't really in the mood though.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!