Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas! Brandon and I woke Elizabeth up at 6:30am so she could open her gift before we went to Papa and Nanny’s house. We had given Elizabeth her “real” gift a couple weeks before Christmas but we wanted her to have something to open on Christmas morning. She was very excited when she opened up her very own set of plastic measuring spoons! No, it’s not a joke, that is really what we got her…and she absolutely loves playing with them! Now mine aren’t always dirty. :)
Elizabeth enjoyed driving Papa’s truck on the way to Grandma Phyllis’ house.

After Grandma Phyllis’ we went out to my parent’s house to exchange gifts with them. It was a really full day but a lot of fun! Elizabeth was a real trooper and had a good attitude most of the day!

I hope each of you are enjoying the beginning of this new year!