Monday, July 27, 2009

So Much Fun!!!

Well I have just finished one of the most fun things I have done in a long time….Cake Decorating!!! I am officially not a professional but I had a blast anyways and plan on practicing more and having a great time being an amateur! Recently I met a new friend at church. Her name is Sarah. After meeting I became her facebook friend. While browsing her facebook I noticed she makes amazing cakes! So when Brandon and I had her and her husband over a couple weeks ago I asked her about using fondant. While we were talking about it she informed me you can make fondant out of marshmallows and powdered sugar. Who knew?! I took her up on the offer when she said she would come over and show me a few things. I invited my sister Amy to join in on the fun. (Even though I think we might be having cake wars now.)
So here are the finished products of the day! What do you think? (Ignore all of the flaws. :)

Notice my cooking skills of making a mess! My clothes are covered in powdered sugar.

So like I mentioned I was a total blast making the icing and learning how to do it and Sarah was a fabulous teacher and showed me how to do it and then she would mess it up again so I could do it. Awesome! Yay for cake decorating!

On to the family update- Things are going well. Katie-Kate has become a somewhat common nickname around her for the cutie patootie Katherine Faith. Nicknames just are so not predictable! She is barely crawling and when she does she has horrible form. I would describe it as looking somewhat like a crippled crawler as she drags one leg behind her while limping along with the other. It manages to get her to the place she really wants to be however, which is on her feet! She always goes to the nearest place she can attempt to pull up. Unfortunately those things are not always sturdy things! I do wonder if she might take her first steps early. The bumps and bruises have already begun and she begins her great adventures of motion!

Fourth of July was a lot of fun. We celebrated at the church picnic on the third. It was super hot and so I sent Katherine home with my mom. She would not have enjoyed the heat and it would have been nap and then bed time for her anyway. I was grateful for the Nana option so I could enjoy the picnic with Lizzy. After the picnic we went out to Tuterville and stayed the night there. Brandon’s parents and brothers came out too so that was a super great time! Liz didn’t much care for the home fireworks and went to bed after only a short time. She LOVED the big fireworks display we saw at Crossroads church on the 5th. They also had lots of moon bounces and cool animals and such. Again we were accompanied by my parents and Brandon’s family so it was lots of fun. Sorry but all of the good pictures (besides this one) are on our parents cameras.