Sunday, February 06, 2011

Just Having a Little Fun

Do you let your beloved children do crazy things in your house? You know, those things you were never allowed to do like jump on the bed? Tonight my girls had gotten all the pillows off of our bed and had them in a pile on the floor. At first when I walked in the room Kate was jumping on the bed which is a known “no, no”. Liz asked in that first born do the right thing voice, “We can just jump on the pillows right mom?” In a reaffirming tone I said “Right.” But what I had in mind and what they had in mind were two completely different things. Technically they were just jumping on the pillows and after considering the horrible long term consequences of not being a Mother of my word, (being a Mother of your word is important people!) consequences which would be far greater than the consequences of their new found past time. (Those consequences would only possibly equal broken bones not mauled images of their Mother’s integrity.)

So what’s a Mom to do? I chose to use this to my advantage. Let’s look at the facts:

First, I warned them they could and would probably get hurt. The fine print read…these injuries include but are not limited to broken bones, permanent paralysis, and or death. I made them both sign on the dotted line stating I was not responsible. I would also get to say “I told you so” when they did get hurt reaffirming their Mother’s knowledge and all knowingness in their minds.

Secondly, Either I could use up MY energy telling them no and breaking their little hearts or let them completely and entirely wear themselves out before bedtime. (This winter weather has made bedtime a bit of a chore. They aren’t worn out enough by bedtime and it takes them way too long to go to sleep. This results in spankings. So Grandparents before you go judging me for letting them do this activity think about the spankings I was actually saving them from getting. I did this for you…really.)

Thirdly, it was just a no brainer….sometimes mom’s just gotta be an awesome and crazy mom!

So our evening entertainment was jumping off Mom and Dad’s bed into the pile of pillows on the floor.

I forced them to jump off shouting “Our Mom is the COOLEST!!!”

At one point Liz jumped off and after landing said “If we die we go to heaven.” I really don’t even know what to say about that. I just laughed. I’m going with the fact that she was reviewing her Sunday School lesson, not determining if this was a safe thing to do!
(No, She is not doing a face plant. The picture was being stubborn and wouldn't turn. But check out that hair action!!!!)

“I’m all right, I’m all right!” Name that quote! That's for you Dad. And, yes, Kate is in her dress from church still. Or as Brandon call it her costume. :)
(Also please note that Awesome Mothering saftey feature of the uncovered outlet behind her. Mom of the year!)

Both sets of grandparents are on their way over to our house right now to take the children! They now understand why I don’t flinch when Kate stands on the bar stools or when they fall over on their bike.

Unless they are actually hurt; then I run, (que dramatic music, may I humbly suggest Chariots of Fire), quickly to their aid and nurse them back to health with popsicles and other sugary things. Why? Because, their Mom…is the COOLEST!

Sometimes you just need to have a little fun! :)

Friday, February 04, 2011

This, That, and the Other

I feel maybe I have been temporarily blogged out. Over the summer my blogging fingers flew from one blog to the next giving update after update for many prayer warriors. The Lord came through is a serious way too!

Such distance in between posts causes me to struggle to know what to say. So much to write about yet is any of it interesting enough to read about? Finding the time to blog the text and add the pictures is more difficult than one might imagine. Although, truth be told there are plenty of times I come to blog but end up reading other’s blogs or facebook stalking instead. It’s fun to peek in on people. Oh, please, don’t act like I am the only one who does that! Sometimes I think of giving a quick update without pictures but really, what is the fun in that. You know who you are…skipping all the words that came pouring forth from my heart just to look at the pictures that tell the story better anyway. Let’s face it; no one wants to read a picture less update except Grandma. Grandma is a faithful blog reader picture or no pictures. You could say she is one that keeps me blogging. And I have to admit, it is a good thing to keep Grandma’s in the loop. When Grandma knows what’s going on Grandma prays. And God listens to Grandma! Trust me. It’s true.

Shout out to Grandma! Hi Grandma! Love You!

I thought about doing some video updates but I am a little camera shy. It seems so weird to sit in front of a camera and talk to it as though you were carrying on a normal conversation. But at the same time it might be faster than the whole typing thing. I don’t know, I’ll think about it. I wish I could hear you read my blog updates. I want  you to read it the way I would say it. It is much more interesting that way. Another plus to video blogs would be for my blind supporters. (Haha, I wrote blond instead of blind at first…that might be a good reason too. Some struggle with the large words I use.) What you don’t think I have blind followers? I might. And if I did they probably have some monotone voice read them the text. That would make my posts super boring. Again, it’s not so much what I say; it’s how I say it that makes it mine.

Now look at me, so much to report and I have used up my word allowance to just blab. So, I guess I’ll update more next time!

Just kidding. Seriously though the random blab is over…the real update starts……now.

An obvious thing to start on would be the holidays. Oh, I hating with obvious. Let’s start with not obvious. Let’s start with the month of October. Don’t skip over this part…it’s important!

Did you know:
More American Presidents were born in the month of October than any other month (6)

October is: (I have taken the liberty to make the items bold that maybe you ought to actually pay attention to.)
Class Reunion Month, Frugal Fun Month, National Crime Prevention Month, Family Health Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Cookie Month, National Positive Attitude Month, National Seafood Month – National Dessert & Cookie Month – National Popcorn & Popcorn Poppin’ Month – National Pretzel Month – National Pork Month – National Stamp Collecting Month and National Chili Month.

I find it funny that there are so many National (insert bad for you food here) month, declared in October and yet it is also Family Health Month. How is a person supposed to recognize and honor both? I'm so confused!

October 1st:
1908: The Ford Model T was introduced to the public. Known as the "Tin Lizzie,"

And according to my research October 1st is Raccoon Appreciation Day. Really? Really. I am unsure how official that report is but I’m just passing on the info.

AND October 1st 2011 is when another little member is due to join our family!

I’m pregnant…SURPRISE!!!!

Shout out to Brandon! Way to Go!

Ok, back to the holidays. All were lovely. I cooked my very first Thanksgiving meal with my partner in crime and favorite sister-in-law. Lauren Clay. I thought it was very tasty and I know it was bunches of fun!

Shout out to Lauren! Hi Lauren! Way to go!

Christmas was also fantabulous. (Did you know that is a real word? Spell check recognized it! Wow.) We had fun at all our family’s houses and after Christmas is over we are partied out! It was also extra fun this year at our house because the girls are getting older and were so excited. A lot of us had been battling a bad virus that went around but fortunantly we were able to still get together. Here's a little video of our family fun!

Shout out to Jesus! Thanks for sharing your birthday! You’re Awesome!

Katherine celebrated her second birthday. I was really happy with her cake! It was SOOO simple and yet so cute too! I loved it! I always try to incorporate cupcakes for her.

My sister Kristina who is expecting their third child in May found out she is having another girl. That makes three girls for her, two for me, and one for Amy. That makes SIX granddaughters (maybe seven) for my parents and no grandsons! We are just following their example I suppose. Who will have the first boy? I guess I’m back in the runnings!

A seven night cruise is a lovely way to celebrate 5 years of marriage! Brandon and I really enjoyed it! Our official anniversary was December 31st but we headed out for our cruise early January. We left from New Orleans and stopped to port in the Florida Keys, Freeport Bahamas, and Nassau Bahamas. Each place had its own beauty and I loved soaking up some sun! Those getaway trips are so much fun. It is fun to fall in love all over again.

Greg is doing very well. He continues his road to recovery daily taking the next step. Sometimes it can be discouraging because this part of the process takes SO long. Hours upon hours of therapy and sometimes I’m sure it feels like the progress should be moving along faster. I see improvements all the time though and am always encouraged by his determination. He is still waiting to have surgery on his knee. This is one thing that should really aid in his walking. It should take two separate surgeries at least and the time table on those is unknown at this point. Dad developed a blood clot in his arm for some reason so that has to be resolved before they can move on for surgery. He is anxious to get that taken care of so we can get the ball rolling for the knee surgeries. Of course these holiday’s were celebrated with a new level of gratefulness for each of our family members. We were all so glad to have Dad and Justin there.

Well we have been getting record setting temps here in our great state and I will try to post pictures of our sledding fun soon!