Monday, May 30, 2011

Twenty-One Weeks

There are many things pregnancy does to a person. First, there is the obvious belly bump.Which while on the outside may seem cute underneath lurks an unsightly....sight. Fortunately, most of you only see the cute part. :)

Then come the cravings. There has only been one thing I would say I have actually CRAVED. I will tell you about that in another post. However before this craving hit I would say I craved these things.
Something about the tang of the mustard. Yum! I never felt as though I HAD to have this to eat right now but a yummy sandwich almost always appealed to me.

And while this post has been somewhat random and rather short in nature I will end by completely changing the subject and post a picture of the girls I took the other morning at church because I was early and had time.
Pause. Enjoy the rare moment. I was early and I had time. :) I even like that this picture is somewhat blurry. To me it captures the moment. I can hear the giggles and see the twirling. Sweet moments.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Isn't He Cute!

When I found out Brandon and I were expecting for the first time I was sure it would be a boy. One day while my mother-in-love and I were out garage selling we hit a jackpot for boys’ things. This sale had really, really cheap prices but cute gently used items. Some things could be used for a boy or girl but all the clothes were boys. Of course much to our surprise it wasn’t a little boy growing in there but instead a girl. I found a storage place and decided to limit myself to that specific space. Growing out of that space was unacceptable. If it began to get full and I found something I must have for my little boy then something else had to go. Thus the collection began. I didn’t spend much money on anything. A few quarters here and there at a garage sale, most of the things were given to me. Regardless of how I acquired them my space has been full for some time now. Not all of the things are for newborns either. Oh, no. I have some things that are 24 months. I have been preparing for this “it’s a boy!” moment for quite some time. But it’s never too early to be prepared…right?
I had things in a variety of seasons. It was such fun to go through and look at the things that could actually be used on my little man. Wow. This is real people! I'm having a boy! Yay!
Yes, even blankets made their way into my collection.
It has always been so cute, to me, those little boys that seriously look like little men. I don't know really how to describe it and while I'm sure my little guy won't always look like a little man, just like my girls didn't always wear a hair bow, I hope to accomplish this look some for my little man. I thought these onsies where so cute. I must admit....I bought these the day of my ultrasound at a garage sale. What? I had a feeling it was a boy. :) Aren't the adorable!
And of course since winter will be upon us hats to keep my little man warm were pulled from my collection.

And I ooood and awwwd at how cute my little man was going to be, imagined myself holding him in my arms, and the world was quiet. Until I had to go discipline one of my other children who was screaming. Then reality sat in...I AM A MOTHER OF THREE!!!!

Trying to keep it together,
P.S. I promise I will eventually post about something other that having a boy. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's A BOY!

Wow. I have sat down to blog many times but the words just haven’t come. A boy. A. Boy. B-O-Y! I am having a BOY!!!! It does seem real but the emotions of it are just…wow. We are all really excited.

As soon as I found out we were expecting again I knew I wanted to have a gender reveal party. After all, this is baby number three and we all know he (I can actually say he!) won’t have the same amount of pictures as baby’s number one or even two. I felt the need to do something different and fun and special. I imagined it to be just a fun evening of fellowship and fun with the “icing on the cake” being the reveal of baby Werner’s gender. The evening turned out exactly as I hoped. We had a great turn out, beautiful weather, fun fellowship, and the gender was revealed.  
None of my ideas are original. Any time I am planning any kind of party the web surfing starts. There were two ideas that had come up for how to reveal and I tried to merge the two. My amazing Aunt Tammi was so sweet and made all the cupcakes for the guests. Each cupcake had blue filling inside so all the guests could have one. A fabulously creative friend decorated a big box that I had in blue and pink and then my Aunt picked up some helium balloons to put in the box.

The party started at 6:00 but the reveal didn’t happen until 7:00. Waiting an hour may seem ridiculous to you but you have to understand I had my ultrasound done a whole week before the party! Waiting one more hour wasn’t going to kill me. Why did I do it a whole week before? Because that is just the way it worked out. The results were sealed in an envelope in my purse and then given to my Aunt a couple days prior to the party. She was the ONLY one who knew the results and did such an amazing job of honoring me by keeping the secret a secret until reveal time.

So at 7:00 everyone gathered together outside. Cupcakes were handed out and then the countdown begun. 5,4,3,2,1. It’s a…..the balloons began to float toward the sky. A yellow balloon is what I saw first. What is that supposed to mean!? I was a bit confused when a white balloon is what came into sight next. Really? White and Yellow!!! What in the world is that supposed to mean. The ultrasound tech said the gender was very clear. White and yellow do not say clearly to me boy or girl! I was hoping someone had bit into their cupcake and could tell me the gender of my baby! But then they began to show blue, blue, blue. A boy. It was really a little boy in there! Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?! A Tuter sister is actually capable of having a boy! This is uncharted waters in my family you know. MOMMY, HELP ME! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, not even my own mother knows how to mother boys. WHAAAAAH! I CAN’T DO THIS!!!!! What do boys wear to church anyways? The thoughts began to run through my little mother-of-girls head. A few hours later an even more daunting awful thought entered into my head as the word slipped from my lips forever to be a part of my vocabulary…circumcision. I shook my head in defeat. Really? Lord, you really think I need a boy?

I have decided I will learn how to raise a son rather it is easy or hard. We’ll make it. I do know one thing I can give my little man. Love. Something every child needs and something I can give.

I love you little man! Mommy can hardly wait to see your sweet handsome face! (See, I’m getting the hang of this already!)

Rachael- Mommy to two girls AND a boy!

Before we found out the gender Uncle Justin said he was going to jump into the pond if it was a boy.