Friday, October 04, 2013

The relationship of Jack and Kate

After typing that I totally realize that sounds like a Titanic reference. It’s not. Just two of the little people in my life that make me laugh and smile on a daily basis.

Jackson adores Katherine and as tries to be like her.

Stick out his tongue like her...

Clap like her....

Cheese like her....

And pose like her. That is until it looked a lot more fun to sit on top of her....

Which led to this...

And best of all this. :)

Which looks equally as wonderful in black and white.

Doing what little brothers do best! Oh, and did I mention my little man is two years old today?! I LOVE being a momma to a crazy little boy! 

 And he's mine. I think I'll keep him. He's had me smiling from day one!

Trying to soak up the days as they fly past me! Love me forever baby boy!

1 comment:

His Daughter said...

Rachael, every time I see pics like this I am STRUCK with the girls and how much they have grown up!!! They are practically little women already! It feels like a time warp ... surely that cannot be possible. :) Jackson is adorable, too... too funny.
And yes, I thought you picked that title on purpose!! Lol :)
Good to see snapshots every so often; your photography is glorious!
Blessings to all your family! ~ Bandy