Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recovering from crazy

If I was toast I'd be burnt. If I was roast I'd be dry. If I was a firework I'd already be popped. I am SO done!

We just finished our last event of the summer and I can honestly say I was excited to have the event season coming and I'm excited to see it over. I ain't as young as I used to be!

My fun job is keeping the troops fed. I find it very enjoyable! For real! Also physically and emotionally draining when also having my three kiddos along. I'm never without a helping hand though. And sometimes my little guy gets some grandparent time which is huge. HUGE! I am SO-totally-100%- completely grateful!!

My favorite part about cooking for the crew is learning things they love. When I'm making my list and shopping I shop for individuals.

For example:
Cereal for an evening snack for Justin
Corn pops for Luke
No sesame seeds for Will
Fruit snacks for...too many to list!
Chicken Alfredo because everyone raves, which is crazy to me!
Hold the cilantro for Carl
Fruit smoothies for Anna
Frozen Frappes for Will
Apple Juice for Elliot
Lemon garlic salad for Joseph
Suzanna appreciates the organic stuff I hide in the kitchen for people that care.

And the list goes on.

Through it all

"I've learned there's a big difference between mostly dead and all the way dead." Said in my best voice from The Princess Bride. And I'm only mostly dead so a full recovery is expected!! Scrape off the burnt, add butter, and serve again!

  I use the spice cabinet as my bathroom vanity. :)

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