Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Purple October Photography

I do this weird thing where I call myself a non-professional photographer but go ahead a charge people to take their pictures. Seems to be working out pretty well! Good news is you also get non-professional prices. Student of photography is what I say in my bio. It's a learning hobby really. Maybe some day I'll take away the non from professional but with all there is to learn and the throngs on incredibly talented and knowledgeable real professionals it may be awhile! 

Does is make you more professional to have a business name? Because if in fact that's what it takes it has been decided that I will work under the name Purple October Photography. Why that name? It's becaaaause I couldn't think of anything better. That's why! Well, that and the website was available for that name. Naming a nonprofessional hobby is hard, people. Trust me. I almost went with No Name Photography. Finally, I said "forget this!" Favorite color and month it is! (Which I also didn't come up with on my own. A friend recommended it.) So, anyways, name or no name, professional or non, I'm having a blast doing photo sessions and charging people and laughing with them and learning!So, if you’d like this non-professional to charge you for pics please take a look at my work and book your session today! It’s a gorgeous time of year! 

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