Saturday, March 31, 2007

27 Days to Go!!!

It is getting soooo very close! Brandon and I were looking at the calendar and thinking of the “best” times for Elizabeth to arrive. I was amazed at how many “important” things we are supposed to do this month. However, I have no doubt those “important” things on the calendar will be able to be adjusted rather quickly whenever Elizabeth is born. The Lord’s timing is perfect!
According to my weekly email update Elizabeth supposedly weighs about 6lbs. now and is a little less than 19 inches long. At my last appointment the midwife said they would not do anything to stop my labor at this point. She said I was good to go anytime! She would still be considered premature if she were born this week. Ann (my midwife) and her assistant were guessing what the baby weighs. The assistant guessed currently a weight of 5lbs. 9oz. and my midwife guessed she would weigh 6lbs. 8oz. at birth! It was fun to have them guess and I must admit I would be thrilled if Ann was close in her guess. They both agreed that the baby didn’t feel very big. Yippee!

How much do you think she is going to weigh? Leave a comment with your guess!

Both Brandon and I have been fighting sinus stuff or some virus going around. He seems to be on the down side of his but mine unfortunately just started. Yesterday I was able to rest all day and sleep a lot, which seemed to help some. Today I am feeling better but would like for both of us to be able to completely knock this thing before Elizabeth is born. Please be praying for quick healing for us both.

Monday, March 26, 2007

35 Days and Counting

On Friday I received my weekly pregnancy email update. It was pleasantly surprising to read there were only 35 days left! (As of 3-23-07) I thought that sounded far less than five weeks. The email also informed me that all of her functioning organ systems are pretty much functioning and these last few weeks are mostly for gaining weight! Yes, slightly discouraging. I certainly want a healthy baby but….let’s not get carried away Miss Elizabeth. She should already weigh about 5lbs. This pregnancy has seemed to be pretty easy thus far. My heartburn hasn’t given me problems for several weeks now and although I have been dealing with the regular slight ankle swelling I just can’t bring myself to complain. I’ve have seen too many other women have things far more difficult.

This past week while Brandon was gone my mom came over and helped me get the nursery cleaned and organized. It looks really good. I was so grateful to have her help! It was really fun putting on the bedding. (Mom T. bought it for us as a gift.)We still have to hang some things on the walls but everything that I currently have is ready. After my baby shower I will just have to put the final things away.

Mom W. found this beautiful dresser set and small nightstand (seen in picture above) at a garage sale. Our crib is white but I think this furniture looks great in the nursery anyways. It is really good quality furniture made by Broyhill. Mom and Dad W. bought it for us as a shower gift. It was really a great blessing to us and I am sure we will use it for many, many years to come.

We are excited about the things the Lord has in store for us! This is quite the adventure!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pictures from Colorado!

Well, I have some pictures from our ski trip! Tonight is our last night at the lodge and then we start home. We will be home around 2:00pm on Saturday! It has been fun but I am sooooo ready to be home!

To view the pictures visit our web album.

Colorado Ski Trip!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Character First! Ski Trip

Hello from Colorado! I am on the CF!E ski trip with the CF! group from WHC. We are having a great time here (but I miss Rachael).

I snowboarded yesturday and plan to do it tomorrow too. I hope to take some jumps and a couple blacks before the day is done. Rachael and I normally do this together so it is VERY different this year. I am still having a lot of fun but I think about her most the day (and Elizabeth too!).

I am sitting in my room in the lodge. I got to room with my dad and brother this weekend! It has been really great. Jonathan is very funny and is making the trip fun (as long as he is in a good mood).

I am going to go swimming in a couple hours (after the girls) and then call it a night (it is 7:45pm in Colorado). The weather here is HOT (for Colorado). I nearly burnt up boarding yesturday and some of the young people did!

Jacob M. broke his sholder on the first run down and has to sit out. Pray for him that as he goes through that. Also pray for a quick healing.

Well, I gotta go. I will post pictures to the blog and web album when I return.

Signing off for now,

A Week Apart

Brandon is on the Character First Ski Trip this week. Since we've been married we've been apart for single nights at a time but this is our first week away from each other. It has been…among other things, thought provoking. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love someone until they aren’t there for you to hold or talk to. It makes me grateful Brandon is only going to be gone for one week! I’m glad he got to go though and I’m sure he is having a great time!!! Those of you who are married know exactly what I am talking about.

Brandon, if you check the blog, I love you and am counting the days until your arrival!

Some of you may have noticed I missed last week’s countdown update for Elizabeth’s arrival. Sorry about that, we were really busy getting ready for the ski trip.
I am feeling good still. My swelling seems to be less than it was – I am grateful for that! Yesterday my mom came over and helped me get the nursery cleaned and organized. That room used to be our office/shed but now looks like a cute nursery! I will try to post pictures with next weeks countdown update.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Seven Weeks and Counting!

If Miss Elizabeth is on schedule she should weigh a little over 4 lbs. and is about 17.2 inches long. For me everything seems to be going well. My ankles have begun to slightly swell. The first solution to nearly everything in pregnancy is to drink more water so I have tried my very hardest to keep the river flowing! All in all things are going great! If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page you will see a count down ticker Brandon put on for me.


Friday, March 09, 2007

A Fuel Pump

The saying "If it isn't this it's something else" seems abundantly true for us right now. After purchasing a shed (pictures to come), a new vehicle, a tag for the new vehicle (which isn't cheap) and paying the bills the fuel pump in our "new vehicle" went out. Thankfully we have been able to work a couple other jobs recently to help cover the new expenses.

I guess this is what it really means to "trust in the Lord with all your heart." If we were only required to trust Him during the "easy" times it wouldn't be real trust. Real trust is saying that no matter what happens or what circumstances come our way, we will trust Him to be who He said He would be. The good news is that God says He will be our Provider.

On the other hand, God has blessed us GREATLY! We have a new shed, a new vehicle and a house that is paid for... so what do I really have to complain about? He has done what He has promised to do... take care of His children.

Brandon and Rachael

By the way, I am starting a computer maintenance service for PC's. The service is $50.00 (or $20.00 an hour for more then 2.5 hours) and includes:
- Removing System Spyware
- Defrag Hard Drive(s)
- Performing Necessary Windows and Office Updates
- Upgrading RAM Memory in Machine (if needed)
- Inspecting Anti-Virus Software and Running Necessary Updates
- Removing Unwanted Programs to Free Memory and Disk Space

This service will provide you with up to date protection from viruses, insure that your system is running properly and dramatically improve the overall speed and performance of your computer. If you are interested in receiving this service or know anyone who might be please let me know.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

OU vs. Texas - Big 12 Ladies Tournament

Last night, Bryce called me an had tickets to the OU vs. Texas Big 12 Ladies Tournament game! Mr. Jestes was very gracious and took over for me in CBI so Rachael and I could go! Bryce, Amy, Adrianne, Jonathan, Jeremiah, Justin and Rachael all went to the game and had a great time!

OU played very well. They had a sizable lead on Texas the entire game. The final score (after OU put their bench on the floor) was 67-58 OU.

We stayed and watched Baylor take on Kansas. Baylor blew Kansas out of the water! We had so much fun that Rachael and I decided to buy tickets for tonight’s game and Saturday's championship! We are taking our camera this time so there will be another post this weekend and we'll update our web album... go SOONERS!

Brandon and Rachael

Monday, March 05, 2007

Does She Look Like Me?

Here is a baby picture of me next to one of the 3-D ultrasound pictures of Elizabeth. Do you see any resemblances? Personally I think she has daddy's lips but my nose. I guess only time will tell!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Web Album

We take so many pictures that we are starting a new web album so we can share them with you! I have been playing around with it and I uploaded some of our favorite pictures of Rachael and I growing up. Feel free to check it out! The web address is We will see how it goes.

Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Brandon and Rachael

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Remaining Weeks - EIGHT

Did you ever do one of those calendar things at Christmas where you move the piece each day of the month while you were awaiting the big moment of Christmas Morning? I always loved doing that at Grandma’s house. That is how I kind of feel with this count down but the difference is the big moment is a surprise! Is there really only eight weeks remaining or is it going to be more like ten? Could it really be only six? Oh the anticipation! I can feel it rising! Either way this precious child will be here before we know it! Brandon and I went and registered at Target for the baby shower (April 2nd). We had a great time!! I went to the midwife on Friday and everything was still looking great. The Lord has really blessed me with an easy pregnancy. I am so very very grateful!! I can tell the baby is growing. The skin is stretching and I can feel it! According to a weekly email I get, the baby should weigh about four pounds now. I think she does weigh four pounds now!  Thanks to Brandon’s family history, I must admit – sometimes I worry about having a big baby with a big head, but the Lord always is quick to remind me that He created me and would never give me more than I can handle! There has been a slight increase in waking up to leg cramps in the middle of the night but Brandon has always been right there when I needed him and they haven’t been too terribly bad. Other than that, I continue to drown myself trying to drink enough water and I thoroughly enjoy crunching ice! Yes, my iron is low – we’re working on that.
Over all things still seem to be going great and so we continue to wait trying to enjoy every moment – knowing that we can never relive today.