Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beacuse It's Already Been Eight Weeks!

And I want to remember...


  He is already ooooing and cooing back at me. Melt my <3! 

 My handsom little blue eyed man!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Sirens Blared

“Raaaachael!” I heard the shrill desperate call come as I just settled in to feed Jackson. “RAAAAACHAEL!!!!” The call came again with an even greater “I’m going to die” sound to it. “Maybe I should go check things out”, I thought. What could be the problem? Had my thanksgiving cooking partner been injured in the line of duty? I could hear our Aunt headed to help but I still felt I needed to go. I wasn’t going to make the mistake of not following that prompting. If Jackson cried for a bit due to the dinner intermission then so be it!

As I came out of the nursing mother’s room the word fire landed on my ears. My pace quickened rapidly to the kitchen. I could already see the smoke coming out of the doorways. Lauren, my sister-in-love and co-chef for the day, had turned off the stove top which immediately stopped the pot of over boiling, now fire burning, milk, butter, and water mixture I had been warming for the potatoes.  My thoughts immediately raced to the multi thousand dollar sprinkler system recently installed in the building. “Please don’t go off, please don’t go off!” I said while flipping on the over stove fan. I fanned the area while others raced to open doors. The shrill sound of the smoke detectors began to sound. One step closer to the sprinklers I was sure!  I fanned even harder begging the alarm to get enough oxygen to quit its alarming. Didn’t it know things were under control!? But there was no stopping it. No batteries to take out, no reset button to push. This system had a job and it planned to carry out its mission to its entirety. About this time the sound of sirens blaring down the street could be heard. Lauren and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes before she went to greet them with the “Thanks for coming, happy thanksgiving, all is well, go about your business” speech.

They kindly turned off the alarm for us and declined the offer to stay and join us for dinner saying they’d “Pass on the burnt dinner.” J

Fortunately, not even one dish was burned and dinner was still ready on time! Whoop, whoop! And…I didn’t even charge the church for the convenience of testing the smoke detectors…they work. However the sprinkler system might need some inspection. Not that I have any complaints about them not coming on. I just hope not to be the one that gets to test those.J

Observe those mad multi-tasking skills! Just don't ask me to boil the butter/milk AND feed the baby. Obviously I'm a fire hazard!

Twas a memorable time and fun, fun, fun!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Vacation and Brothers

Before we headed out for our Thanksgiving festivities Brandon helped me get the house in beautiful order. It was wonderful to close the door behind me knowing that when we returned after being away for a few days I would walk into a home clean and tidy.

We had a great few days out in Tuterville relaxing and taking a true vacation. On Tuesday Brandon flew his hobby RC plane for a bit. It was a touch too windy but still fun to watch.


On Wednesday the weather couldn’t have been any better for the plane. Brandon flew it several times and even learned how to do some really fun tricks! Made fun memories!
Thursday again the weather was a bit windy but Brandon took out hoping for a few more flights. Womp, Womp. The wind won. Repairs now need to be made for the poor plane. I didn’t get pics because I was busy getting ready for the Thanksgiving whoopla. The holiday was fun and great memories were made! I particularly enjoyed the eight whole glorious hours I got to sleep because my dear sweet mother kept Jackson in her room for the night. J 

While we were in Tuterville Brandon informed me that his brother had called him asking if he could hang out with some guys at our house for the evening. He informed me he had told them how hard we had worked to get the house in tip top shape and they needed to leave the house equally as clean. I gave an “uh-huh” response knowing immediately things would not be “how we left it.”
Upon our arrival home the house was in good shape. Only a couple cups left out, things I could deal with. And then Brandon opened the freezer. Apparently short term memory loss is a common thing with the Werner men. There were three cans of Coca-Cola on the super-duper verge of exploding in my freezer. Lucky Duckies-Brandon found them before they exploded. I haven’t yet recovered from the last freezer incident due to Brandon's short term memory loss.

Also the Nativity had been rearranged. This did not surprise me. I knew it was coming. It happens every year. I don’t even bother taking my time to set it up in detail and perfection because I know as soon as my brothers come over they will make it look like this. Guard your eyes. Yes, they make the animals mate, sniff, and any other such thing they can come up with.

 The wise man has karate chopped the shepherd on the roof of the stable.
 Joseph’s head is on his staff (the head broke several years ago and I haven’t glued it back on yet).
Sometimes I am tempted to leave it this way because I know that returning it to its proper state is pointless. I don’t though because I don’t really want to answer the girls questions about it. Nor do I want to really look at it. Let the holiday cheer begin. *Roll Eyes Here* Ahhh, the brothers I never had.

I'll post about our Werner Thanksgiving soon. I helped make dinner. The motto for the evening became "Learn not to Burn" :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kate's Three!

Katie-Kate’s birthday has come and gone. She is already three! To describe Katherine in a simple way I guess the only words to sum her up would be full of personality! I love that about Kate. Although I’m not gonna lie… with that “full of personality” trait comes lots of laughter and fun times as well as pitiful pouty faces and ferocious bad attitudes. Sometimes she gives me a run for my money and in all honesty, as much as I would like to be the perfect parent here, I admit there have been occasions that I have been caught beyond exhaustion and her strong willed little self has won some of our battles. Oh, dear Kate. A princess and a tomboy, independent yet helpless, cute yet crazy, silly yet sweet. She melts my heart and raises my blood pressure.  How can a person be so many opposite things so perfectly!? Somehow she manages and it’s what makes her…well, her. I love you Katherine! Momma hopes you never stop being you!
I took a few three year old shots of Katherine. Last Sunday the weather was great and so we went on a girls date and headed downtown. I got them a cupcake at pinkitzle and we had a fun time. Though they were very unhappy about leaving Jackson even when I assured them it wasn’t going to be long. They eventually got over it....after we bought the cupcake!

*Katherine Faith Werner* 3rd birthday on 11-11-11!

I'll try to post a few pics of the birthday party soon.