Monday, February 26, 2007

Our House (current pics)

Well, a long time ago I said I would update the blog with pictures of our house redone. Many of you have seen it by now but we are still making changes. These pictures don't show the entire house so we will post again when we finish updating (kitchen and dinning room, bedroom, and nursery).

The Living Room (this is the view when you walk into the front door)

Game Room (my favorite place to hang out, work, eat, etc.)

Game Room (another view)

Main Bathroom (Rachael and I like the colors)

The Master Bath (Rachael worked really hard on this room and it turned out beautiful!)

Master Bath (another view)

Like I said, we are working on some other rooms (more decorating, etc.) and will post those soon. Richt now, the nursery is also our shed. My dad and I are going put up a shed outside so Rachael can fix up the nursery and so I can get some junk out of the house. We will post the nursery pictures when the nursery is done.

Brandon and Rachael

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Only Nine Weeks to Go!!!!

I have felt pretty good this last week. It seems as though I can actually feel Elizabeth growing based on the feel of the movements inside. The other night I was at the grocery store picking up some produce. Brandon had dropped me off at the door because I wasn’t going to be long. After gathering the things I needed I was making my mad dash to the cash register when the man passing by me said “you’re waddling, ha, ha!” Can you believe that?! I felt like turning around and giving him a piece of my mind but I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Once I got to the cash register the lady said “are you having a boy or girl?” “Girl” I replied “When is she due?” “End of April” her next comment didn’t help my already slightly aggravated and waddely self. “Oh, Wow!” she exclaimed. With that I kindly gathered my bags and left. At home a nice bath and some relaxing mommy time did my spirits good.

Brandon and Rachael

PS – We are taking guesses on the babies birth date! The baby is officially due on April 27 and the last 4D ultrasound projected the due date for April 30. Brandon thinks it will be April 27 or 29 but is leaning more towards the 29th. Rachael hopes the baby will come in April (like the 17th ) but does not have an exact date decision yet. Leave a comment and let us know what your guess is!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Del Rancho and the Filing Cabinet :)

About a month ago, my Grandma Phyllis needed a new filing cabinet. Rachael and I had been blessed and someone gave us a tall, nice file cabinet to use for us and Character Focus. We had an old wooden one that we no longer needed… so I worked out a deal with my grandma; if she would buy steak sandwiches from Del Rancho (because that is my favorite thing to eat at my grandma's) then I would give her our wooden filing cabinet.

At the time, Rachael and I only had the Oldsmobile. My dad was busy that night and I didn’t have any straps to tie the file cabinet in with… so I got creative. I took some old shoe laces and tied the cabinet into the trunk with those. Rachael found this to be very funny so she ran and got the camera. (Note From Rachael: I did think this was really funny. Especially when he added the second shoe lace for "reinforcements" LOL. Fortunately we made it fine and the reinforcements were not needed. :))

When we got to my grandma’s house, we had Del Rancho steak sandwiches and caught up for a while.

Rachael likes the sandwiches too.

My grandma is VERY excited about being a GREAT Grandma (she is a great grandma but now it is official).

On a different note, Rachael and I have been working a lot at the church recently. There has been a lot to do and a lot to catch up on after a busy month. I am juggling a lot of plates right now and don’t want to drop any of them! Please pray that God will give Rachael and I wisdom on the best way to use our time.

The CBI kids are doing great! We have started some new stuff in Rachael and my group that the kids are excited about! Pray that God will bless our efforts and impact His kingdom through these kids!

Leave a comment!

Brandon and Rachael

Thursday, February 22, 2007

1999 Isuzu Rodeo

We have a new vehicle! The Lord has provided in so many ways! This is a letter that Pastor Wells asked us to write him for his records. Hope this blesses you! Thanks for your prayers!

Brandon and Rachael

Letter to Pastor Wells written by Rachael:
Brandon and I were the owners of two cars when we got married. However, in the summer of 2006, about two weeks after trading in Brandon’s truck for a lower mileage car, Brandon was involved in a car accident. He was not at fault but the man who was had a suspended drivers license and no insurance. After months of trying to have the car fixed we were told it was our best option was to sell this car for parts. This set us back quite a bit and the car we had left, although still running well was quickly getting high mileage.

Brandon felt we needed a better more reliable car, so we began to look around. Through a series of events the Lord gave us an opportunity to buy a good vehicle for a good price. We had some money saved up but were also going to need to sale our car in order to make the purchase. We had set the car out on the corner a couple of times but hadn’t had anyone interested.

Sunday (02-18-07) at the end of the prayer meeting before you were having people come down for personal prayer requests you asked some thought provoking questions about things people might not consider big things but things we should still lift up in prayer. The first question was “Do you have something you need to sell”? This caught my attention and I turned to Brandon and asked, “Did you hear what he said?” Immediately I felt convicted due to my lack in asking and trusting the Lord to bring a buyer who would pay the price we needed. Although I couldn’t get away from the video room to come down for prayer I asked the Lord to be in charge of the sale of our vehicle.

On Monday morning we set the car out on the corner again. Around lunch we had two men come by and look at the car, within about 10 minutes of each other. One of the men called Brandon about 5 minutes after leaving and made us an offer. He had cash and wanted to buy the car that day. The offer he made was exactly the amount we needed to have from the sale! Brandon asked me if I had any cautions but all I had to proclaim was the goodness of the Lord. The man had been out that day specifically looking for a car. He said after he left, the Lord prompted him to come back because this was the car he was supposed to buy!!! From the time he first saw the car until he had the title, we had the money and it was a done deal was about a total of an hour and a half.

There are no doubts in my mind the Lord orchestrated the sale of our car. I am grateful He waited until I asked and trusted him. He does care - even about the “small” things!

Matthew 7:11
If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week 30!!!

Only 10 weeks to go!!! I have been feeling good - just ackward. This comic came in an email and I thought it was funny.
Have a great day!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Elizabeth Grace - 4D Ultrasound Pics

On Friday, we went to OU Medical Center to see Elizabeth with 4D ultrasound technology. We had a blast! Lots of people came to visit us and to see the baby. Grandma Phyllis, the Tuters, the Werners, Jon Burk (uncle-to-be), Alisha Bley (adopted aunt) and Kristina and Jasmine Small.

The video feed is pretty incredible. They use a 2D ultrasound image to line up the sound waves and then switch it to 4D.

We could see Elizabeth in vivid detail! She smiled, yawned, blinked, and kicked for us and we saw it all right on the screen!

Rachael and I are so excited about this new life! 11 more weeks to go!

Here is a report on what they found during the ultrasound... everything normal and on schedule!

More post to come...

Brandon and Rachael

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jasmine Small - One Year Old

Jasmine's one-year-old birthday party was this last Friday. All of her family met at the Small's (Jonathan and Darcel) to celebrate.
She is spoiled rotten! She received more presents in one birthday then I think I have in my entire life!

Jasmine didn't get to messy when eating her birthday cake... but it was still fun to watch!

Kristina was the most happy about the present... Jasmine was more interested in the wrapping paper and bows!

Tomorrow we are going to our 4-D ultrasound so check back this weekend!
(Scroll down for more pictures of Jasmine's one-year-old birthday!)

Brandon and Rachael

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our Good Friends... Update on the Reid Family

This update is for those of you who may not be current with the events involving the Russell Reid family so you will know how to pray...

The Reid family have been my close friends for the past 7 years. We have grown to love them all. Russell Reid (head of household) has been dealing with a heart condition caused by bacteria for a long time. A number of years ago, they installed a defibulator that would help "shock" his heart back into rhythm if needed. This device has given him many more enjoyable years of life.

However, The last year or so has not been so enjoyable. He has lost a LOT of weight and goes through times of great pain, inability to sleep or eat, and is now bed-ridden in Mercy hospital. On Sunday, they removed the defibulator and some other machines that were helping his heart pump his blood. He has made it through a couple of nights. From what I understand, God would have to heal him supernaturally for him to recover from this condition.

As most of you know, Tyler and Bryce (sons of Russell) have been great friends of mine for a long time, too. Tyler married Emily Connell (now Reid) in December. Bryce met a girl named Stephanie on E-harmony on December 25. Bryce went to meet her in Montana in January and Stephanie was scheduled to come to OKC in on February 10 but changed it to February 6 to come be with the Reid’s during this time.

We went to the hospital to be with the Reid's last night and I plan to go again today. Please pray that God will touch Russell's life and heal him. He has been in pain so long. We know that God is in control and can accomplish whatever He wills. Please pray that God would heal him physically our take him home to be with Him. Pray for Bryce and Stephanie that God will give them wisdom as they seek Him. Pray for Tyler and Emily as they continue this new journey of life together. Pray for Mrs. Reid, Marla, the boys, and the rest of the family that God would be there comforter through this time. Feel free to leave a comment for the Reid’s and I will pass it on to them.

With Prayer,
Brandon and Rachael

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Worst Doctor's Visit Yet!

Today I had my routine appt., unfortunately I knew from the beginning this wasn't going to be all that pleasant. As you already know, even though Brandon was kind enough to have his blood tested he was RH+ which meant a Rhogam shot for me. : ( Let me start from the beginning.

When I got there this morning I had to tell them I was taking a gluco (blood sugar) test today and they needed to give me the stuff to drink. This stuff was an 8oz. glass of lime-flavored syrup. It actually wasn't all that bad to drink but it was VERY sweet. Upon the completion of the drink I began feeling a little light headed and nauseous. After a few minutes we were called back to the room.

There I spent most of my time lying down concentrating on keeping everything in my stomach. This lovely feeling was accompanied by hot flashes and the knowledge I still had a Rhogam shot on the way. After visiting with the midwife she gave me the shot. Although the shot wasn't pleasant she did a very good job giving it and Brandon gave me plenty of support. So, I made it through the regular visit - still not feeling well we headed to the lab for the blood work to be done to complete the sugar test.

When I was called back I assured Brandon I would be fine and he could just wait in the waiting room. Reluctantly he agreed. The Lady who drew my blood did a great job with the stick but didn't seem to be much of a people person. Upon entering the room I informed her of my nauseous/light headed state. She didn't say anything. As soon as she poked me and took the blood, my level of discomfort quickly elevated. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on breathing. She finished her thing and turned to the desk to start on paper work. I didn't move. Were finished she said. "Ok, that's great but I'm not leaving yet because I can't get out of this chair without either fainting or getting sick." I thought to myself. Obviously she wasn't too concerned, as she hadn't turned around to even see if I was ok. After another reminder from her that we were finished and no response from me she finally turns around.

"Hey! Are you Ok?" She asked. Now there's a thought, make sure your patient is ok before sending them on their way. Especially the ones that warned you they didn't feel good to begin with!!! Anyways, I informed her I was really nauseous and just needed a moment. Now she is actually acting concerned and gets me some wet paper towels. I asked for a bucket or something because I could feel the probability of me getting sick continue to increase at a rather rapid pace. She hands me the trash can.......from there is was not pretty. But afterward I felt a lot better. :) And the best part of all was I waited until after they drew the blood so the test was still fine. Next time Brandon offers to go with me I think I will accept. He is great! All that to say, I survived the shot and everything with the baby is still looking good.

Today is Jasmine's 1st birthday. We are going to her party tonight and will post on it soon.
Brandon and Rachael